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How to identify an online catfish – Easy as 1 2 3


I’m not talking about the kind of catfish you eat, or catch with a rod and reel.

Several months ago, I published an article about a cute little catfish named Tracy. Here’s one of three pictures she emailed me.

Now I ask, does this girl look familiar? Perhaps she does. This is a professional […]

Mary had a Little Lamb

Every wonder why there are so many shootings in public schools today? Perhaps this is the reason.

If you think God is not listening, you’re in for a surprise

Yesterday, I went to lunch with an old, and very good friend. All I’m going to say is, his name is Martin.

Neither one of us is a religious fanatic. I’m not trying to be one here. But I do want to share part of our conversation with you, because it was very inspiring, and […]

When you die, do you see relatives who died before your birth?

Two weeks ago, a relative told me about a great book she had read. Once was not enough. She had to read it twice.

The book caused her to make a very interesting observation. When you die, you not only see your aunts, uncles, great grandparents and others who you barely knew during your lifetime. […]

Do you want to be abducted by aliens?

This is how eight people answered this question:

People are abducted by aliens every day and forced into slave labor. Another description for it is Human trafficking. It’s an honor to be abducted by aliens. If they like you, and take to you, you’ll be the leader of their world. I’d love to be abducted […]

If you get a tatoo, what would it be of

I once knew a guy who was Puerto Rican. He had several tatoo’s, but two stood out. On his left leg, he had a tatoo of Jesus Christ. On his right leg, there was the Virgin Mary. This is a true story.

I knew someone else who was a fifth degree black belt in Karate. […]

Why people wouldn’t want a sex change operation

Men have more problems with this than women.

There are more men who wouldn’t want to be a woman, than there are women who wouldn’t want to be a man.

There are not that many things men do that women would find unbearable. But, there are two things that women do that most men would […]

What to do in a public restroom with NO LOCK

Most people don’t feel comfortable using a public restroom with no lock on the door. They don’t take too kindly of someone coming in and seeing their business. What can you do if there’s no lock?

How to use a public restroom with no lock

First, you could keep your back to the door, hope […]

Foods people wish were Fat Free

Some good tasting foods, like peanut butter, and ice cream, are available in fat free. Unfortunately, other good tasting foods are those you cannot get fat free. That’s so terrible, because they taste so good.

McDonald’s Big Bac and Fries



Cream Cake

Lard – If it was Fat […]

What makes someone a Republican or a Democrat?

The majority of people, when asked this question, will claim they’re not affiliated with any party. These people tend to lean towards the Libertarian party. They usually vote for one of the other candidates in a Presidential election, knowing they have no chance in the world of winning.

Some people will call themselves a Democrat, […]

What do the happiest times of your life remind you of?

When you think of the happiest times of your life, there are a number of things that will come to mind. Some of the following are what a lot of people first thought of:

Three’s Companywith John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt and Suzanne Somers Frank Sinatra The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Irish History When […]