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Man’s 3 daughters had dates – One couldn’t make it


A man had three daughters who each had dates to their high school prom. As the girls were getting ready for the big event, the first date showed up, and the man greeted him at the door.

Hello, my name is Eddie. I here to pick up your daughter […]

Lovely innocent bride learns about sex from her man

One lovely, innocent bride learned all about sex on her wedding night, in a most bazaar way.

I was talking to a man who had just married a woman who was twenty years younger.

On their wedding night, she decided to open up to her new husband by saying to him,

“Honey, I never […]

Restaurant Owner tells inspector, “GET THE HELL OUT”

Many restaurants are so gross that you’d probably be better off not eating there. The Health Inspector usually closes them down. But this was not accepted by the Owner of Red Lantern Chinese Food Take Out / Delivery at Florida’s Deerfield Beach.

The owner told the Health Inspector to “Get the Hell Out of […]

Dad finds out Son is GAY at Alabama SEC opener

I received an email yesterday from a gentleman whose son attended the University of Alabama last year. Let’s call the gentleman Mike. The email was about his son, who I will call Kyle.

Kyle lived in an apartment on the Alabama campus that he shared with a male friend, who I will call Chris.

Last […]

I’m a womanizer. Does this make me a bad guy?

My sister gives me a hard time. She thinks I’m a womanizer. I can’t help it. I love women.

She thinks men who think they are God’s gift to women are disgusting. But I am her brother, and I didn’t think she thought of me the same way.

I asked her one day, “If I […]