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US Postal Service losing billions from email – Will Government stick it to us?


The United States Post Office doesn’t have much to do these days. They’re not delivering many letters because people are sending emails instead. At least when you send an email, you know it’s going to get delivered. It may end up in the junk file, but the recipient will still get it if he looks […]

Kansas lawmaker worried more about beautiful women than the law


Kansas lawmaker, Senator Mitch Holmes could be a dirty old man. If he’s thinking about imposing a dress code for beautiful women as witnesses, he must have his mind on other things besides the law. No short dresses or low cut blouses? Come on Senator, get real. What’s the matter with this guy? Are beautiful […]

What’s the most difficult position to play in pro football?

Clay Matthews


Difference of opinion on Duck Dynasty has people bitching left and right

Duck Dynasty

With Willie Robertson endorsing Donald Trump and Phil Robertson supporting Ted Cruz, Duck Dynasty is as divided as the State of Alabama during the Auburn – Alabama football game.

People don’t like this

People all over the country are bitching about this. What’s so ironic is, the same people bitching are the ones who voted […]

How can Actress Charlotte Rampling say Oscars boycott racist to whites?

Charlotte Rampling

It looks like the Academy Awards is trying to get Oprah Winfrey to agree to present a top award at his years Oscars, probably best picture. Morgan Freeman is also on the list of high profile presenters.

So much for this “Lack of Diversity” crap. This should solve the controversy created by Will Smith […]

100 year old piano player – Secrets to a Long Life

100 year old piano player

100 year old piano player said that Music and Martini’s are the secret to a long life. But what about the other thing that gets people excited? Yes, I mean, S E X.

Piano player says he wishes he can have sex again. But there’s something he didn’t say.

Sex is what got him […]

Man’s dying wish – Don’t vote for Donald Trump in lieu of sending flowers

Donald Trump

The man was probably on morphine and delirious when he made this dying wish. That makes no sense. He’s not going to be here to see the Trump administration. The man is dead and his problems are over. Too bad he was a chiropractor. I’ve never known a chiropractor that didn’t take people’s money, promise […]

Runaway cow in New York would make a great movie

Runaway Cow

A runaway cow was captured by the police after escaping from a New York City slaughterhouse.

This sounds like a story that would make a great movie. Hollywood, if you play your cards right, you can be sitting on a gold mine. Let Will Smith, or his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith play the part of […]

Academy Awards Boycott may be the last straw. Someone smarter than Hitler is taking all of this in.

Double standards can be harmful, and sometimes fatal

When a white celebrity discriminates against blacks, he’s a racist. When a black celebrity discriminates against whites, he’s a militant. The only difference is, the racist will lose all of his endorsements, just so the companies can cover their rear ends. The militant will become a […]

NFL Referees have NO BALLS, literally

New England Patriots


Don’t blame Funeral Home for girl’s missing body. Blame the thief, and sue the insurance company.

Girl's missing body

Funeral homes carry insurance, I’m sure. Like home owners insurance, it should cover theft of property on the premises. Does funeral homeowners insurance also cover theft of bodies?

A Texas couple is suing Mission Park Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries of San Antonio for $1 million dollars for allowing the body of their daughter to be […]

Plans in the Trump administration for Sarah Palin, but is it running mate?

Donald Trump - Sarah Palin

Donald Trump should name Sarah Palin as his running mate on the Republican Ticket. The two have so much in common.

Neither of these clowns can complete half a sentence before starting the next sentence.

Donald Trump is proof that being rich does not mean being smart. Saran Palin is proof people can always […]

Daniel Holtzclaw gets 263 years for rape, and cries. He knows his sex life is not over, but just beginning.

Daniel Holtzclaw

He wasn’t crying when he was raping teenagers and grandmothers, but he produces Lake Michigan when he’s convicted. Typical psycho.

Justice always prevails in the end – NO PUN INTENDED.

He’s crying because he thinks his sex life is over. But it’s just beginning. He’ll be dropping many bars of soap in the shower. […]