Beware of toxic people. They will cut your nuts off.


Every political family has its black sheep – like Jed Bush

Jed Bush

John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy – Two dangerous political figures

The two most powerful political families in history were the Kennedy’s and the Bush’s. Although Robert Kennedy didn’t become president, who knows what would have happened, had he not been assassinated on June 6, 1968. Brother Ted Kennedy was a loser in politics, from day one. […]

Super Bowl fixes from the past – The shocking truth


Super Bowl 50 was anything but a fixed game. The Denver Bronco’s man-handled the Carolina Panthers. But what about past Super Bowls? I can think of four that may have been fixed games, three of which I’m not sure, and one of which I’d almost bet the farm.


What’s better? Being loyal to someone or being a snitch?

E-mail to Merjeo on Being a Snitch

Dear Merjeo,

About ten years ago, I was in the business of providing financial planning services. I had a business partner. He was not only my partner, He was my friend, at least I thought. He decided from the beginning that he wanted me to handle the […]

Worst disaster in history – Obama won’t finish second term

President Obama State of the Union Address

Worst disaster in history is coming to the human race

Prepare for the worst disaster in history. The leaders of the world know it’s coming. President Obama, Pope Francis and the other leaders of the world have a secret pact. They all know what is about to happen that will be the end of civilization […]