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3 ways to handle the loss of a spouse


If you are in a happy marriage, and suddenly lose your spouse, there’s only one word that will describe it – devastating. In the summer of 2010, I lost my wife as a result of lung cancer. The thought that she had passed didn’t hit me until a week later. After she died, I […]

Baseball wants to change strike zone, but not ticket prices


In Major League Baseball, the strike zone is the most controversial topic today. Was that a strike? Was that not a strike? The debate goes on. And, of course, a player can’t argue with the umpire about his strike zone, unless he wants an automatic early shower.

Proposed changes in Major League Baseball strike […]

13 Things that are truly a waste of time


You can learn a lot by watching other people. It’s OK to do some things, but doing the same things over and over again will cause the parade to pass you by.

13 things that are a waste of time […]

GS vs OKC – Champions can get it done. Non-champions can’t


Golden State Warriors are true champions

What makes a team like the Golden State Warriors so great? […]

On this day, May 16, Hillary Clinton made history. It’s a sign!


Hillary Clinton made history on this day, May 16, 2000. Then the U.S. First Lady, she was nominated to run for U.S. Senator in New York. She was the first U.S. first lady to run for public office.

Is this a sign that she’ll be the next U.S. President? Hillary Clinton is no stranger […]

Be careful who you un-friend on Facebook


Would you do this to someone if they un-friend you on Facebook?

In the old days, people communicated, face to face. Today, it’s a whole new ball game. Technology has taken over. Now people communicate through Social Media, with Facebook being the people’s number one choice.

Anytime people communicate, there will always be situations […]

The Top 12 Most Beautiful Women of All Time – Pictures


On this day, May 12, President Carter and two sports figures made history


On this day, May 12, in Politics

On this day, in 2002 former U.S. President Carter arrived in Cuba to visit with Fidel Castro. This was the first time than any American head of state, whether in office or not, had gone to Cube since the 1959 revolution.




On this day, May […]

Not much happened today, May 10, unless you’re a pro football fan


The only somewhat exciting thing that happened on this day, May 10, was in 1969. Unfortunately, many of the pro football fans today don’t remember.

It was on this day that the National and American Football Leagues announced their plans to merge for the 1970-71 season. This was a controversial topic, because the National Football […]

Ferguson, MO swears in new African American Police Chief


Hopefully, this is the beginning towards ending this racial war […]

Deadly tornado hit south of Oklahoma City, kills two


See the actual video of this deadly tornado

Is there a presidential candidate worse than Trump?


Rodrigo Duterte, the man who will be the 16th President of the Philippines in June, is very controversial, and known for his strict guidelines against crime. Duterte is in favor of vigilante justice and death squads. In other words, in his reign, people have two choices – stop committing crimes, or die. This man […]

What is Deja Vu? The answer will blow your mind

Deja Vu is simply remembering something from your past that you may, or may not have experienced

This should make no sense at all. However, this mystery happens every day in the lives of people, and it is definitely for real.

When you remember something that is familiar to you, you know it is real. […]