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Out of coincidence, Muhammad Ali made history today

Something bad happened to the Champ on this day

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12 excuses a woman gives for not wanting to have sex

You will never hear a woman say, “I don’t find you attractive”, “I don’t want you”, or the truth, “I’m just not in the mood”. If she does not want to have sex, she can think of over 100 excuses.
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Dial 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, and Now, 3 for French

English no longer the only language of the United States


More people speak Spanish and French than English

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Wrestling restored to Summer Olympic Games – 2 Sports to add

Summer Olympic GamesIn February, 2013 one of the oldest sports in the Summer Olympic Games was dropped. Wrestling has been an Olympic fixture since 708 BC.

After catching a lot of hell, the International Olympic Committee restored Wrestling to the Olympics in September of the same year.

Why drop Wrestling in the first place? Most people rather watch Wrestling than Ping Pong.

If the International Olympic Committee, and NBC really wanted to increase their ratings, 3 new events should be added to the Olympics in Rio, 2016. Continue reading

Sex for the elderly – Sex after 70

sexContrary to what most people believe, a person’s sex drive does not decrease until age 75.

People over 75 still want it. But there’s a problem staying focused. Over 75 also causes people to be health conscious. That’s why so many people have sex at the age of 75, and then , hit themselves on the head and scream,


June 18 – Pretty dull unless you like Walt Disney or baseball

fred-lynnUnless you’re a Walt Disney or Gunsmoke fan, today won’t excite you very much.

In 1961, “Gunsmoke” was broadcast for the last time on CBS radio. I didn’t even know it was ever on the radio.

In 1999, Walt Disney’s “Tarzan” opened.

On yes, if you’re a baseball fan, something exciting did happen in 1975. Fred Lynn of the Boston Red Sox hit three home runs, a triple and a single in a game against the Detroit Tigers. Too bad he didn’t hit a double. He would have batted for the cycle. A year later, he made an Aqua Velva commercial, in which two women called him into the stands. Do they still make Aqua Velva?

Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore, but on one condition

Bob Barker and Adam Sandler, not exactly friends
Bob Barker

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Fan belted by Stephan Curry’s mouthpiece sitting on gold mine

Stephan Curry apologized to fan, but didn’t ask for his mouthpiece

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Heaven is like Life is now, with 3 Major Differences

Heaven will have life’s best moments but not the worst

heaven-yankee-stadiumThe most enthusiastic baseball fan attended his first game in Yankee Stadium during the 1950’s. He walked into this historical monument and said, “This is what Heaven will be like.” The avid golfer said the same thing when he visited Winged Foot Country Club the first time. What do these two examples have in common? They were  both breath-taking experiences.

The first time I ate at Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet, would you like to guess what I said? If you guessed, “This is what Heaven will be like”, you’re one hundred percent right. Although this is not your usual breath-taking experience, I enjoyed every minute I was there, and I still do every time I visit this wonderful restaurant.

Life would be so perfect, if only . . .

heaven-winged-foot-golf-clubFamous baseball stadiums, beautiful golf courses. the finest places to eat, and the many other things people associate with happiness are in this life, and right in front of us. Life does have its great moments.

Unfortunately, there are distractions in everyday life that make it far from perfect. Heaven will be very different. All of the distractions, corruption, indecision, lack of knowledge, and the many other twists and turns that life throws at us will no longer exist.


3 things that will be different in Heaven

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Whoever designed deep fryers for the home is a moron

Deep FryerA non-commercial deep fryer, meaning, one made for home use, is a handy gadget to have in the kitchen. Just cut a potato in strips, and you have some delicious home made French Fries in minutes.

I have no complaint about the functionality of the product. Most of them I’ve used work great. But there is a design flaw. I notice this every time I finish frying. I want to clean up fast and go on about my business, but this flaw makes this impossible. Continue reading

Lady on Family Feud with wrong name cracks Steve Harvey Up

Steve Harvey, Host of Family Feud has one heck of a sense of humor
Steve Harvey

The long running TV game show, Family Feud, has had its moments over the years. The show has had a handful of hosts. Until recently, the one who stood out in my mind was Richard Dawson. Remember Mr. Dawson? He was the man who enjoyed kissing the women more than he enjoyed hosting the show. And why not? He had some very beautiful contestants on the show. But sometimes, I got the feeling that he’d kiss anything. My late Grandfather, who was a very entertaining man, once said, “He’d kiss a hog’s ass if you put it in front of him.”

Something happened on Family Feud yesterday that would have even gotten to Richard Dawson. Continue reading

Today was a big day for Michael Jordan

michael-jordanOn June 12, 1991, Michael Jordan won his first NBA title as the Chicago Bulls defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in the fifth game of the championship series. This was also the first championship for the Chicago Bulls. Continue reading

On this day, June 12, free TV became history

digital-tvOn June 12, 2009, watching your local TV for free became a thing of the past. The switch from analog TV trasmission to digital was completed. This meant, if you wanted to watch the Super Bowl, World Series, Dr, Phil, Jeopardy, or any of your other favorite TV shows, you had to pay for a subscription to cable TV.

Old Lady sees Russian attack through TV screen

Russian Attack

Get Down! The Russians are coming!

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The Greatest Fighter vs The Greatest

Muhammad Ali-Rocky Marciano

Muhammad Ali – The Greatest, but was he the Greatest Fighter?

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Why my marriage was so happy and successful


Notice I said was successful. My loving wife was taken from me six years ago by lung cancer. But if we were to live a hundred more years (which wasn’t likely), then we would have been together for a hundred more years. There were basically two simple reasons our marriage was so successful. Continue reading

The advantage of buying things on sale


No question about it, every time you buy something on sale, you benefit.

Breakfast is not just for breakfast anymore


I love breakfast. It is my favorite meal. Many people just have a bowl of cereal, or coffee and toast, because they are in a hurry. Sometimes on weekends, they simply sleep late. No problem, There is no rule that says you have to eat breakfast in the morning. Continue reading

14 Tips for Shopping Online Like a Seasoned Veteran

Shopping Online

Shopping Online has become very popular, and is here to stay. It ‘s convenient, enjoyable, and you can buy anything you want very easily without having to leave your home. You can even compare different prices of merchandise. You can’t do this when shopping at a store without getting in your car. Just think of the enormous amount of time you save by shopping online.

Unfortunately, there’s always a risk involved. When shopping online, you can get scammed and burned very badly. There are many con artists trying to take your money while offering you very little in return. You can eliminate the risks of buying online by learning how the seasoned pros shop online. Continue reading

Why you should see your regular Doctor, & not a Specialist

doctorWhen some people have an ailment in a certain part of their body, their first reaction is, “See a specialist.” Someone suffering from a severe case of athlete’s foot may want to see a podiatrist (foot doctor). If you have a bad case of psoriasis, your first thought is to see a dermatologist.

During the last several years, I’ve visited three dermatologists, and two foot doctors. In my opinion, none of these five doctors were better at treating my problems than my regular doctor. In fact, my regular family doctor treated them much better. Seeing these five doctors was nothing but a waste of time and money, and the symptoms never went away, until after I finally visited my family doctor.

Based on my experiences, I will never see a specialist unless I have to. The specialist must be a last resort. It must be a matter of life and death. A person is not likely to die from athlete’s foot or psoriasis. Continue reading

Jeopardy is a great game show, but it makes me nervous

Alex Trebek is a great game show host, But . . . ,

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Golden State Warriors are hard team to figure out

What’s with the Golden State Warriors?

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Do you believe we have a Guardian Angel? True story is proof

Your Guardian Angel is there one minute, and gone the next. But it does exist.

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