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How to find passion in everything you do, even cleaning the toilet


If I were to give one piece of advice to a high school graduate this year, it would be, “Have passion with anything you do.”

Love what you do. Whatever you do, show some passion. In every thing you do, show passion. When other people see that you love what you are doing, they’ll take […]

What is the truth, and what are the lies


Is everything we see in print the truth? Hell no!

Printed material is merely one person’s opinion.

The difference between the internet and the library is simple. With books, the lies, and the truth are printed on parchment paper, instead of some disorganized, non-ranking website that’s not guaranteed to even be around in a year. […]

Little Sister is an Artist – She can make anything taste good


Some people just have that special touch. Little Sister, Sarah has it

Monkey Bread is irresistible, especially the way my Little Sister, Sarah, makes it. Unlike the standard recipe, with brown sugar and cinnamon, Sarah has her own twist. She fills each of the round pieces of bread with chocolate.

No question, this is […]

On this day, July 30, Reform Schools learned a new phrase


On this day, July 30, in 1956, The U.S. adopted the phrase, “In God We Trust” as the national motto.

Since then, we’ve seen this phrase on money, but have taken it for granted. It has been seen in many other places. One of these places, the Reform School in my hometown, used this phrase, […]

It’s time we had a woman in the White House, but . . . ,

Hillary Clinton

Life without call block and caller ID


Today, it’s easy to avoid talking to people you don’t want to talk to. There are two ways:

First, you can use call block. With technology, this can be done by visiting a website. But this doesn’t always work. People who are smart can just call you from another phone. However, most of the people […]

Could this be a sign of things to come?

10 most demanding coaching jobs in the entire sports world


Coaching is a tough and very stressful profession. It is much more so in some places than in others.

Some teams are content just to have a winning record. With some teams, anything short of a championship means the total season is a failure. Then, there are other teams that just want to be respectable, […]

The crazy myths that make HealthCare so bizarre and crooked


At one time, I thought HealthCare was about people working in conformity with each other. After giving the matter a great deal of thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that healthcare is, people working against each other. It’s like a bunch of rats crawling around a big piece of cheese, trying to be the […]

Newlywed struggles and needs help from tech support


_ A newlywed immediately experienced some major problems after updating the operating system on her PC. Following is the actual email she sent to tech support. […]

Ex Surgeon becomes Priest, and suddenly shocks the hell out of everyone in the O.R.

Ex Surgeon Becomes Priest

Father Joe is the best hemorrhoid surgeon. By special permission, he can still practice medicine and perform surgeries. But he once wondered if he’d ever see an operating room again. […]