Disaster in Mexico


An earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale hit Mexico. 150 thousand Mexicans died and over a million were injured.

The country is totally in ruins and the Mexican government has no idea where to start with providing help to rebuild.

The rest of the world is in shock. Canada is sending troopers to help […]

Are computers female or male? Here’s what both genders had to say


Ships are usually referred to as females. Occasionally, a ship will be named after a male, but more often after a female. The names of many famous ships that refer to the feminine gender are: American Queen, Andrea Gail, Mayflower, Santa Maria, CSS Virginia, SS Andrea Doria.

What about computers? Are computers female or male? […]

Dr wanted to do pregnancy test on me, and I’m a man

Pregnancy Test

Initial Visit – To cure a rash

I went to the Dr. about three weeks ago. The reason was, I had a rash that broke out on my body, mostly on my legs and thighs. This was most likely caused by a reaction to Terbinafine, which is the generic to Lamisil. Both are antifungal […]

Don’t let your kid lose his pen – It can be dangerous


You lose your pen

You have no pen

You can’t take notes

You can’t study

You fail

You don’t get a diploma

You can’t work

You can’t get any money

You can’t eat

You get skinny

You are ugly

No one loves you

You don’t get married

You don’t have children

You […]

The Original Mr Clean – Former Olympic Athlete?

Mr Clean

Where did Proctor & Gamble find the man who is Mr Clean?

There have been many stories about the origin of the lovable character, Mr Clean. Now that his commercials are making a comeback, there is a lot of curiosity about where the body builder came from.

Although no one knows exactly where, there is […]

While President Clinton was with women, where was Hillary?

Hillary Clinton witn Women

How was Hillary amusing herself during Bill’s affairs?

We all know about the extracurricular activities of Bill Clinton, when he was President Clinton. But at the time, Hillary seemed to take it all with a grain of salt. Naturally, there was a reason. Perhaps Hillary was doing the exact same thing, literally.

I’ve always wondered […]

New Category in Merjeo – Is it BS or NOT? You Decide [You’ll love this]


I love writing for Merjeo. It gives me so much passion and pleasure. Starting today, I’m going to love writing for Merjeo much more, and I hope you love it too.

New category for Merjeo lets you decide

We’re going to have some fun now. Merjeo will be publishing some really Wild, Crazy and Bazaar […]

Hope Solo suspension is double standard to many, except USOC

Hope Solo

Ryan Lochte is not the only athlete who stepped in manure in the Rio Olympics. Immediately after the U.S. Olympic Committee suspended Hope Solo for unsportsmanlike comments and trash talk, many people were quick to compare the goalkeeper and Ryan Lochte, who made up a false robbery story and vandalized a Rio gas station.


Today, in history, America went “Over the Rainbow”

The Wizard of Oz

Today, August 25, in 1939, The Wizard of Oz opened in the theaters. Have you seen this movie? If you haven’t, you’ve been on a desert island all of your life.

An interesting fact is, there were 4 pairs of ruby slippers used during the filming of this movie. The so-called original ruby slippers used […]

What happened today? Justice for Pete Rose?

Pete Rose

Today, August 24, in 1989, Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life after being accused of gambling charges. At the time, Pete was the manager of the Cincinnati Reds. But that’s not the big story. What happened after he was banned was very interesting.

Bart Giamatti, president of Yale University, had just been […]

Love’s tense moments – Will you love me unconditionally?

love me



“Sometimes I wonder why the hell you put up with me. But I got to thinking about it. I put up with you, so we’re even.”

“If you get mad at me again, I’ll put a cape on you and call you […]

It’s so great to be alive – Thank goodness for immigration


Earthquake that rocked Italy made me think

After I read the news about the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that leveled Italy, it started to make me think. At first, I didn’t think that much about what I’m about to tell you. Then, the more I though about it, the more it blew my mind.

Around 1917, […]

Ryan Lochte loses endorsements, but his life is not over

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte is human, or have people forgotten this?

Ryan Lochte is the most hated person in the world right now. I can’t sugar coat this. It’s a fact, and a very unfortunate fact.

As to what people think about him, I’d have to put him in the same class with Paula Dean and O.J. […]

On this day, in 1996, Bill had Hillary send an email to children

Hillary Clinton smoking cigarette

On the day, in 1996, rumor has it that President Clinton had Hillary send an email to every child in the United States about a decision he had made. […]

Hillary Clinton Colin Powell Emails will get Trump off the hook

Hillary Clinton Colin Powell Emails

“Colin Powell told Hillary Clinton to use a private email server . . “

Somehow, it doesn’t seem possible that the former Secretary of State would resort to this. Hillary Clinton stepped in dog doo, and seems to be stepping in more and more, but only when her lips move.

This woman is a […]

KFC chicken scented sunscreen – More uses than just a sunscreen

KFC chicken scented sunscreen

With the introduction and free giveaway of KFC Chicken Scented Sunscreen, people are sure to get other ideas, and have the best of both worlds. […]

Famous Life Magazine hit the stands today, in 1938 – Read it online

Life Magazine

Life Magazine: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – Aug 22,1938

Did you know that you can read this famous Life Magazine online?

Olympic Games are over. Let’s look ahead to Tokyo 2020

Olympic Games

Olympic Games in Rio were inspiring, producing the best athletes in the history of the games.

Time to look ahead to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo

Women’s gymnastics will be the highlight of the games in Tokyo 4 years from now. During these games, another athlete will make her (his ??) return to the […]

Elizabeth Smart story – Chance for Dr. Phil to increase his ratings

Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart is likely to be a very special guest on the Dr. Phil show in the near future. This is the kind of story that is probably making the TV Psychoanalyst water at the mouth.

For the last two years, the Dr. Phil show has been airing reruns. He has aired the Michelle Knight […]

Angelina Jolie Dead ??? So was Paul McCartney in 1966

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie says goodbye. To Brad Pitt? her fans? anyone?

In 1966, the Beatles hinted that Paul McCartney was dead by giving fans several small clues on their album covers, and then letting them try to figure it out. Since Paul’s alleged death, a lot of great classic music has been created over the years. […]

Rio Olympics gives Wheaties and General Mills a tough decision

Rio Olympics


Sports at Olympics Should be Reversed, for the sake of the athletes


Now that the Rio 2016 games are finally here, people are getting excited and geared up. As I was watching some of the events the last two days, I couldn’t help saying to myself, “It’s so hot there in Rio! How can those athletes stand it?” Perhaps the International Olympic Committee can do something […]

Summer’s almost over. Have FUN, be YOURSELF and ENJOY YOURSELF


There’s Nothing Like a Fun Day at the Beach

This is the Summer Time. It is the time to go to the beach, have Fun in the Sun, Relax, and just Forget your Worries Cares and Troubles.

Get away from Time Clocks, Computers, Schedules, Appointments and Anything having to do with WORK.

The Whole […]

Customer Service is for new customers, not existing customers

customer service

Customer Service Will Only Talk to New Customers

Let’s say you want to do business with a new company for the first time. This can be any type of company.

It can be the cable company, the telephone company, a cell phone company, an online company, or any kind of company that is going to […]