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The worst feeling in the world – This makes you look forward to a hangover


It’s almost a person’s sacred duty to get drunk occasionally

Rule Number 1: If you want to get drunk, go ahead. Just make sure you stay at home, out of danger, and don’t drive. I see no problem with this. It’s a person’s sacred duty to do this every once in a while.

Rule Number […]

You better be careful where you pee


You better not pee in that bidet

When I was in the eighth grade, I attended a wedding in a mansion in Selma, Alabama. At the time, I’d never been out of the hot house.

We were given a tour of the house. When we were in the bathroom, I saw something similar to the […]

When Ex Presidents are sent out to pasture


Ex Presidents live a life of luxury

Several years ago, I read a newspaper article about the tax dollars spent on all of the Ex Presidents. At the time, Nixon and Ford were alive.

For President Nixon, the government spent money for subscriptions to every newspaper, and business and financial magazine in the Country.

For […]

There’s one thing in horror movies that insults our intelligence


I love watching horror movies. I especially like the scenes when the bad guy comes into someone’s house to attack them. This always puts me on the edge of my seat.

Who created these villain scenes in horror movies? A moron?

There’s something I’ve never understood. When the people in the house being attacked believes […]

There are some people in the world who remind me of a slinky


What some people & a slinky have in common

Some people in this world are drab, boring. There’s nothing to them. Such is the case with a slinky.

Both are not really good for much, But they have one thing in common. If you push them and watch them roll down the stairs, they sure […]

Old Catholic priest tried to pick my brain about confession


When I was a small boy, about the age of 7, I was being brought up as a Catholic. One of the priests I knew was a man by the name of Father Nicholas. He was a cool guy, with a sense of humor.

Later on, I found out my grandfather kept him very happy […]

There is a way to prevent acne, but why bother?


A simple ‘waste of time’ remedy for acne

There’s a way to prevent acne, so I’ve read. It is said, if you turn the water to cold at the end of your shower, this will prevent acne. The cold water is supposed to seal your pores, preventing dirt and bacteria from entering your skin.

That’s […]

The difference between the favor doer and the favor receiver


Every time someone does a major, life-changing favor for another person, there is always a difference in attitude.

The person who receives the favor remembers it until they are in their grave.

The person who does the favor forgets it 5 minutes after the favor is done.

This Video about the afterlife scared the HELL out of me-Literally, I hope


This is the most accurate account you’ll ever see of what happens when someone has an “out of body” experience of the afterlife. In this video of a true story, Daniel experiences both heaven and hell. Only one thing in this video is true. This is at the 10 minute 4 second mark.


Recent Presidential Election was good for Facebook procrastinators


Presidential Election came at opportune time for Facebook users

As a Facebook user, have you ever thought of taking an inventory of your friends periodically? Some people who take the time to do this go through their list of friends, and decide who they want to keep, and who they want to unfriend. This takes […]

Don’t get into hot water with the Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue

The most compelling difference between Men and Women


There is one major difference between men and women that stands out above the rest.

Women want to be the ultimate desire of every man they fall for.

Men desire the ultimate possession of every woman they fall for.

If men and women could compromise and strike a happy medium, everyone would live happily ever […]

The difference between a professional athlete and entertainer


When I say professional athlete, I mean someone like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or LeBron James.

By professional entertainer, I mean, a movie star, TV personality, singer, dancer, and so on.

What’s the difference between the entertainer and athlete?

It’s very simple. You sometimes see athletes at their worst. But you don’t see entertainers at […]