Queers in the Catholic Church – What priests are taught in Seminary

Archbishop John C Favalora

When someone does something illegal, wrong and morally disgusting, the first reaction is to get rid of the person, and the problem is gone.

Right? WRONG! In the meantime, the lives of others have been destroyed.

In the mind of the Catholic Church, this solves the problem. When a predator priest decides to molest little […]

Chicago – The Ultimate Town


I love Chicago. I’ve been there twice and can’t wait to go again

Chicago has everything – Art, music, culture, you name it. Chicago is a great town. It is a great college town. If I have to name something I like best about Chicago, it has to be the food. You can eat in […]

Chicago Cubs most Profitable Team in Baseball

chicago cubs

To the Chicago Cubs – WELL DONE!

About four years ago, the Chicago Tribune named the Chicago Cubs as the most profitable team in baseball.

This came as no surprise. Everyone loves the Cubs. Over the years, they’ve gotten a lot of exposure, since their games have been on cable and satellite for as long […]

Kentucky Wildcats a national power? More like a national thief

Kentucky Wildcats

Did the Kentucky Wildcats steal Tennessee’s logo?

You’d think that a team like the Kentucky Wildcats, a perennial national power in basketball, would at least have enough imagination to be original. There aren’t many fans of the Tennessee Volunteers who are happy about their rival doing this.

That’s the way it is with some […]

Is is OK to LIKE your own Facebook Page? Did Trump vote for himself?

facebook page

Of course it is. What’s the point of going to all the trouble to create a Facebook Page if you’re not going to like it? It’s yours. You better like it, otherwise, you’re not playing with a full deck.

Let me ask another question. If a guy is running for President, isn’t he going to […]

How would you feel if your 14-year-old daughter got pregnant


Email from a Merjeo reader:

The first thing I did was shake my head, and then shouted, “Girl, are you crazy!” Then, I told her I love her, and that nothing she could do will ever change that. I also reminded her that I’m not just pissed. I’m passed pissed.

Then, […]

How good are you at Rolling the Dice ?

rolling the dice

Rolling the Dice – Here are the rules

Every time you roll the dice you get $3 million.

If the dice lands on double sixes, you will go to jail for 30 years, but you still get the $3 million.

Would you play? Is so, how many times would you roll?

Here’s some alternatives

Negotiate! […]

Have you ever wondered why people don’t read spam email?

spam email

Follow the leader-Who do you want to follow-Think before you answer


Be careful who you follow

This does not apply to Twitter or Facebook. Although, following the wrong people on these platforms could get you in trouble, it’s not likely. I’m talking about the real world, brick & mortar, face-to-face, or whatever you want to call it.

Last Friday evening, I watched the TV Special on […]

Top 17 funny questions that get people pissed off at each other

top 17 funny questions

Are zippers better than velcro?

Why are the buttons on men’s shirts on the right, but on women’s blouses, on the left?

Do parents spank their kids enough?

Should the legal drinking age be lowered to 18?

If croutons are stale bread, why are they stored in cellophane?

Does the hot dog qualify as a […]

Is it dangerous to have sex with your cousin?

sex with your cousin

Email from Merjeo reader:

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, my cousin is 31, I’m 18, and she really likes me a lot.

I want to have sex with her so bad, I can hardly stand it. Yesterday we were kissing. Then I stopped her because I felt it wasn’t the right thing […]

Is it rape if you have sex with someone who thinks you are someone else?


Email from Merjeo Reader:

I just found out my twin sister has had a crush on my yet to be announced fiancé for the longest time. Our engagement party is next week.

I was wondering if it was okay if I let my twin sleep with him before then. We haven’t […]

Teach a man how to fish and you’ve created a monster

Teach a Man How to Fish

Teach a Man How to Fish – Very common when people ask others for help

The idea is simple. The person who is giving someone help and guidance could just give him a fish. The problem is, he will eat the fish, and come back for more.

Don’t just give him a fish. Show him […]

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – Be careful who you say this to

One mans trash another mans treasure

Two situations when you would never use this expression Never say this to your adopted son Never say this to the woman you married Two more situations when you can use this expression When you’re about to get a divorce If you own a business, when you’re about to fire someone […]

Man evolved from apes and the monkey – I’m sure I know why


What was wrong with the apes and the monkey?

I’ve always wondered why man evolved from apes. During this time, I’ve asked myself two questions:

First, why did God create man? Second, if man evolved from apes, why are apes still around?

I have the answers to both.

First, God created man because He was […]

Why putting on a BAND-AID is such a pain in the ass


Have you ever tried to put on a BAND-AID with one hand?

It seems like every time I need to use a BAND-AID to stop bleeding, it’s always on a part of my body that’s inconvenient.

You need two hands to put on a BAND-AID. It never fails. Every time, I need to put one […]

Why it is not safe to go to a Doctor who is about to retire


An old doctor about to retire won’t fool with you

I’ve been to two doctors in my life who were within 6 months of retiring. The first doctor was a dentist. The second was a dermatologist.

With the dermatologist, it wasn’t so bad. All I needed was a minor treatment for a skin rash. He […]

If you go skydiving, what happens when your parachute doesn’t open?

If you go sky diving, and your parachute does not open. don’t worry. It’s not the fall that’s going to kill you.

It’s going to be the impact when you hit the ground.

Beautiful woman in a bikini


Most of the time, when a beautiful woman wears a bikini, men usually show her some respect.

They are very respectful and very polite. They only look at the covered parts.

How to get an A on your essay, the easy way, if you’re still in school


I’m taking a writing course at one of the local colleges. The professor gave us an assignment to write a 2,000 word essay.

I’m happy to say that I got an “A” on this essay. Now, only 1,999 words to go.

How to get negative thinking completely out of your mind

negative thinking

Negative thinking cure – 2 things you need to do – It’s easy and it works everytime

Put a teaspoon in your right or left pants pocket. It doesn’t matter which one.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, move the teaspoon to the other pocket. Do this without exception.

During the first few […]

I thought I’d discovered the secret to immortality – I was just a kid


Immortality – There for the taking – So I thought

I remember it clearly. It was a hot, sunny, summer day. My Mom was hanging clothes outside on the clothes line. I was standing in the doorway, talking crazy stuff to her as children often do.

I don’t know what led to our conversation. Something […]

Funniest and most creative way to propose marriage

propose marriage

Propose marriage this way, and you will get a YES

First, ask your future wife to go skydiving with you.

Next, when you are both about to jump, ask her, “Are you scared?” You want her to say YES. She probably will because that’s the most expected answer.

Then say to her, “Don’t worry. I […]

Talking about dead people – Why is this so wrong?

talking about the dead

Talking about dead people is like singing at the table. About a hundred years ago, someone made up this rule. Why should we suffer because some jerk screwed it up for everyone?

If a guy was bad while he was living, is he suddenly good because he is dead?

Ted Bundy was a serial killer. […]