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Talking about dead people – Why is this so wrong?

talking about dead peopleTalking about dead people is like singing at the table. About a hundred years ago, someone made up this rule. Why should we suffer because some jerk screwed it up for everyone?

If a guy was bad while he was living, is he suddenly good because he is dead?

Ted Bundy was a serial killer. rapist, pedophile and necrophilia (the act of enjoying the company of a dead corpse or probably doing sick things to it) ever since he first realized his penis could get erect. He killed more than 36 women, that are at least accounted for. He was fried in 1989.

Oh, sorry! I can’t talk about him because he’s dead.

Bernie Madoff is an American fraudster and a former stockbroke and investment adviser. He swindled at least 72 people out of their life savings. Presently, he’s serving a 150 year prison term.

OK! I can talk about him because he’s not dead.

There’s a way Madonna can get herself off the hook for making the statement about ‘Blowing Up the White House’

madonnaSoon after Madonna made the comment, “Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House, . . .”, she became a target for investigation by the Secret Service. A petition has been launched to have her arrested and charged with a felony. This is bad. She could end up spending at least 10 years in Federal Prison, even with a plea bargain.

If arrested and indicted, Madonna could stand trial and fight it. There’s only one problem with this, and it’s a big one. The Federal Prosecutor has 200 million witnesses.

There is one way Madonna can get herself off the hook. She could retract her statement by saying, “You took my comment out of context. What I meant was, I have thought an awful lot about going to the White House, and blowing President Trump. Then, I’d like to blow Vice President Pence. I think they’ll like it.  President Trump might grant me a Presidential pardon before I stand trial.

Donald Trump, second celebrity President. What if . . ?

Donald Trump is the second celebrity Elected President. The other was Ronald Reagan. Suppose other celebrities had been Elected President. It would have been very interesting. See your yourself.

How much did the dresses at the Donald Trump Inauguration cost?


Will the move to NBC be a challenge for Megyn Kelly?

Megyn Kelly signs off at Fox News for the last time

When Megyn Kelly goes to NBC from Fox News, word is out that she’ll host a daytime show and Sunday news magazine program.

Working with daytime crew –  a test for Megyn Kelly?

The move to NBC from Fox News is going to make Megyn Kelly the highest paid female journalist.

Having her own daytime show will not be much of a test. However, the possibility of working with the $28 million dollar man, Matt Lauer might be a different matter. Can you imagine the professional jealousy that would go on between these two?

Suppose she had to work with Al Roker. For as long as I can remember, this guy has been suffering from diarrhea of the mouth ever since he first appeared on TV. He’s pissed off more people than Diurex. In fact, I live in a State which was one of two states he’d never visited, until recently. I was informed, from a very reliable source, that Mr. Roker stated that he had “no intention of visiting this state“. Did this piss off some people I know? You damn right it did. Whether true or not, the fact remains that Al Roker should think before he speaks.

I don’t think the move to NBC will phase Megyn Kelly one bit. But it certainly will be a challenge for Al Roker and Matt Lauer. These two may have finally met their match.

Angelina Jolie Dead ??? So was Paul McCartney in 1966

Angelina Jolie says goodbye. To Brad Pitt? her fans? anyone?

Angelina JolieIn 1966, the Beatles hinted that Paul McCartney was dead by giving fans several small clues on their album covers, and then letting them try to figure it out. Since Paul’s alleged death, a lot of great classic music has been created over the years. This was one hell of a job for a corpse.

The Beatles were not only great musicians. They were brilliant public relations people. Whether they were marketing geniuses or not is immaterial. They knew how to find these geniuses to get to the emotions of their fans. Some Beatles fans were even turned on by the rumor that Paul was dead. They knew better.

Angelina Jolie is no marketing genius. Neither is she smart enough to find the right people to run such a publicity campaign that is making her look like a first class fool.

But Angelina is no amateur at stirring up a hornet’s nest. Just a few years ago, she announced to the whole world that she hadn’t had sex in over 3 years. That certainly doesn’t turn many people on. How in the world is her alleged death going to turn people on?

Angelina Jolie is not saying goodbye to anyone, except maybe, Brad Pitt.

Paul McCartney  Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney


Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore, but on one condition

Bob Barker and Adam Sandler, not exactly friends
Bob Barker

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Fan belted by Stephan Curry’s mouthpiece sitting on gold mine

Stephan Curry apologized to fan, but didn’t ask for his mouthpiece

Stephan Curry Continue reading Fan belted by Stephan Curry’s mouthpiece sitting on gold mine

The Greatest Fighter vs The Greatest

Muhammad Ali-Rocky Marciano

Muhammad Ali – The Greatest, but was he the Greatest Fighter?

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Muhammad Ali, The Greatest, Dead at 74

Muhammad Ali

The Iconic, Three Time Boxing Champion, is dead at the age of 74. Being the great fighter he always was, he was a fighter all the way to the end. When ABC News interupted the regularly scheduled broadcasting, I knew right away what it was about. I’m not ashamed to say that I broke down and cried. Continue reading Muhammad Ali, The Greatest, Dead at 74

The Top 12 Most Beautiful Women of All Time – Pictures


Runaway cow in New York would make a great movie

Runaway CowA runaway cow was captured by the police after escaping from a New York City slaughterhouse.

This sounds like a story that would make a great movie. Hollywood, if you play your cards right, you can be sitting on a gold mine. Let Will Smith, or his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith play the part of the cop who ropes the cow. Its sure to win an Oscar, and the two will have no reason to boycott the Academy Awards next year.

Yeah I know you, you SOB

Rusty StaubI’ve been thinking a lot about my Dad lately. He passed in 2005.

Yesterday, someone asked me the question, “What’s the funniest thing you remember?”

I couldn’t help thinking about my Dad. He liked to bet, and a lot. But he knew what he was doing, and never had a real gambling problem. On Saturday’s and Sunday’s, he bet on every college and pro football game. During basketball season, again he bet on every college and pro game. He even bet on an election one year.

Later, he started betting on baseball. I was with him one evening, when the Cubs were playing the Mets at the old Shea Stadium. He was betting on the Cubs. It was the bottom of the ninth, the score was tied, 3 to 3, the bases were loaded, and there were two outs. The Mets were batting One mistake by the Cubs, and Dad loses a bundle.

He said, “I might get out of this alive.” Then, the Mets sent up a pinch hitter, the old red headRusty Staub. My dad’s reaction was, “Oh Shit!” Rusty Staub was a very good hitter. On the first pitch, Rusty got a base hit to right field.


Dad was cursing like you couldn’t possibly imagine. I left the room, afraid I’d laugh, which would have made him even madder. Then, five minutes after the game, Dad had finally calmed down. Then, the unthinkable happened. This was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

Do you remember these old American Express Commercials that began with a celebrity asking, “Do you know me?” In case you don’t here’s one that will bring back memories:

After Dad was calm, an American Express Commercial like this came on TV, featuring, guess who? Rusty Staub. When he asked, “Do you know me?”, Dad said, “Yeah I know you, you Son of a Bitch!”

I’ve never laughed as much in my life as I laughed when this happened. And the strangest thing was, Dad didn’t get mad at me.

By the way, I searched for the Rusty Staub American Express Commercial everywhere, but couldn’t find it. If anyone finds it online, please send me the link.