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How toy makers remember the Titanic



So, it took a toy maker over 100 years to remember the tragedy of the Titanic. It’s a good thing no one who was on the ship is still around.

I wonder if it will take them 100 years to start making 9 11 toys.

Fly the UNFRIENDLY Skies of United

If you think what United Airlines did was bad, …

United Air Lines

It could have been worse

United Air Lines


Chicago – The Ultimate Town

chicagoI love Chicago. I’ve been there twice and can’t wait to go again

Chicago has everything – Art, music, culture, you name it. Chicago is a great town. It is a great college town. If I have to name something I like best about Chicago, it has to be the food. You can eat in a gourmet restaurant every night, and never eat in the same place twice.

It is also a great sports town – one of the best. Until recently, you could argue this point by saying, “But their sports teams haven’t won any championships lately.” That has never mattered. Philadelphia, Detroit and Boston are also great sports towns. Win or lose, sports in these towns is not just entertainment for its people. It’s a religion.

As far as not winning any championships lately, the Cubs have changed all of that. They’ve always been the darling of all professional sports, and not just baseball. For years, everyone loved the Cubs. Now, everyone loves the Cubs even more.

Over the years, the fans of all the Chicago teams supported them, even when they lost. The Cubs were proof of this.

The Chicago Cubs are an inspiration to anyone struggling with life. They showed that patience will be rewarded.

Source: BuzzFeed

When Ex Presidents are sent out to pasture

ex-presidentsEx Presidents live a life of luxury

Several years ago, I read a newspaper article about the tax dollars spent on all of the Ex Presidents. At the time, Nixon and Ford were alive.

For President Nixon, the government spent money for subscriptions to every newspaper, and business and financial magazine in the Country.

For President Ford, I remember that the government bought him several pairs of scissors, ranging over $20 thousand.

What I remember most about the article was, the government bought over 200 chairs for President Carter. Some chairs cost more than $600.

I have no problem with this. After all, they were Ex Presidents, and were entitled to what the government purchased for them. However, there was one thing I really had a problem with.

Why did President Carter need 200 chairs? He only has one ass.

Federal Government blew my mind when I was a kid

governmentOne thing that haunted me over and over again when I was a kid was this concept known as the Government.

I’m not complaining about our government. I’m only questioning why it’s called, Government. The terminology at the Federal level makes no sense at all.

Federal Government (???) and State Government

I’ve always been perfectly OK with the authoritative body of each of the States being referred to as the Government. Think about it. The leader of a State is, the Governor. In all States, the Governor is the head of the Government. This makes perfectly good sense. The title of the head man implies this.

Governor >>>>>>> Government

Then, I started thinking. Why is the Federal authoritative body called the Government. The head man is not the Governor. He’s the President. Why isn’t it called the Presiment?

President >>>>>>> Presiment

At first, I thought this was my fourth grade teacher’s way of trying to deliberately pissing me off.

Finally, I just came to terms with it, accepted it and said,

Screw IT !



Will the move to NBC be a challenge for Megyn Kelly?

Megyn Kelly signs off at Fox News for the last time

When Megyn Kelly goes to NBC from Fox News, word is out that she’ll host a daytime show and Sunday news magazine program.

Working with daytime crew –  a test for Megyn Kelly?

The move to NBC from Fox News is going to make Megyn Kelly the highest paid female journalist.

Having her own daytime show will not be much of a test. However, the possibility of working with the $28 million dollar man, Matt Lauer might be a different matter. Can you imagine the professional jealousy that would go on between these two?

Suppose she had to work with Al Roker. For as long as I can remember, this guy has been suffering from diarrhea of the mouth ever since he first appeared on TV. He’s pissed off more people than Diurex. In fact, I live in a State which was one of two states he’d never visited, until recently. I was informed, from a very reliable source, that Mr. Roker stated that he had “no intention of visiting this state“. Did this piss off some people I know? You damn right it did. Whether true or not, the fact remains that Al Roker should think before he speaks.

I don’t think the move to NBC will phase Megyn Kelly one bit. But it certainly will be a challenge for Al Roker and Matt Lauer. These two may have finally met their match.

4 Most Amazing stories for 2016 – No. 1 will surprise you

No. 4 – The Chicago Cubs finally end the 108 year drought

Chicago-CubsIn October, the Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series. The Cubs ended what many people believed was a 108 year curse. They defeated the Cleveland Indians in 7 games. The seventh game of this World Series is already considered by many to be the greatest baseball game ever. And, since the Cubs were the winners, this made it all the greater.

Cubs manager, Joe Maddon refused to buy into the idea that the Cubs were cursed for the last 108 years. Although this concept was almost evident in recent years, with the Cubs falling just a little short of the big dance, Mr. Madden proved that the idea of a curse was just a figment of people’s imagination.

No. 3 – Donald Trump wins Presidential Election


This was the biggest upset in the history of politics. The media gave him absolutely no chance of winning the election. He shattered Hillary Clinton at each of the three Presidential Debates, but some of the naive members of the press, like Anderson Cooper and Megyn Kelly, constantly placed Hillary as the front runner during the entire campaign. Debotah Norville and Inside Edition constantly reported meaningless garbage on Trump during the entire campaign, hoping to discredit the man and lay the Presidency right in Hillary’s lap. Poor Hillary! She just knew she had it in the bag. It wouldn’t be surprised if she died of a broken heart during 2017. But of course, no one wants to see that happen. Hillary, get over it and go on with your life.

No. 2 – New Year’s Twins born in different years


This was one of the most extraordinary stories, not just for 2016, but for any year. Imagine having a twin brother or sister whose age is different from yours.

When Holly Shay went into labor on New Years Eve, everyone knew that something special was about to happen. Even her husband Brandon knew it was going to be an interesting end to 2016 and start to 2017. Sure enough, everyone was right, when Sawyer Matthew Shay was born in 2016 and Everett Jackson in 2017.

No. 1 – Cindy Stowell wins on Jeopardy with Stage 4 cancer


This is the most amazing story for 2016. And if your heart can’t be warmed by this, then it won’t happen.

Cindy Stowell was a contestant on Jeopardy in August and September. The shows were not aired until December. But at the time the shows were taped, Cindy had Stage 4 colon cancer. Unfortunately, she never had the chance to see the programs because she passed away on December 5, just a week before the programs were aired. But this courageous lady won over $100 thousand, and pledged to donate her winnings to the Cancer Research Institute.

People like Cindy Stowell give us reassurance that there’s still a lot of good in the world.

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek paid a wonderful tribute to Cindy Stowell.

Beer comes in a 6-pack and 12-pack, but what about a 99-pack?


Want a beer? Just grab a 6-pack, or a 12-pack. Now you can get a 99 pack of Peacemaker beer, for $99. A dollar a can – not bad.

Is Peacemaker as good as Budweiser? Well, let me put it this way. If you’re going to buy a 99 pack of beer, pretty soon, you won’t know the difference, and you sure won’t give a damn.

Colin Kaepernick has rights. Remember this, Mr. Rob Lowe

Colin Kaepernick

According to Donald Trump, “If Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Like America… GIT OUT!!”

So what? He got down on one knee during the National Anthem. Big Deal!

This whole issue isn’t whether or not Collin Kaepernick likes America. What people are bitching about is, he got down on one knee instead of standing at attention.

I get down on both knees when I pray. Does this mean I don’t like God? No it doesn’t! Every time I walk into a Catholic Church, I genuflect, by getting down on one knee and showing my respect for God. If this is respectful to God, why do the critics think it’s disrespectful to the flag?

The biggest whiner and complainer is Rob Lowe.

Sorry, Mr. Rob Lowe. I don’t see it your way. What I see is an American exercising his rights. Whether or not Collin Kaepernick is right or wrong is immaterial. The issue is, he dropped to one knee instead of standing at attention. Many people, including you, are whining and complaining about something that’s none of their business.

Collin Kaepernick can get down on one knee during the National Anthem, because this is his right as an American citizen. Rob Lowe can complain about it, because this is his right. But to deny NFL players the right to exercise their rights is something that should not be tolerated.

If someone wants to scratch their balls during the playing of the National Anthem, so be it. It’s their right to do so. Personally, I wouldn’t do this. But if they itch during the National Anthem, I may reconsider. This is, in no way, disrespectful to the flag. If they itch, I’m going to scratch them.

People in the U S have rights. Everyone has the right to show respect to the flag in a way they choose, provided they do nothing illegal or in bad taste. Likewise, people have the right to their own opinion. I think I’ll exercise this right by saying,

“Rob Lowe, in my opinion, you’re an idiot!”

KFC chicken scented sunscreen – More uses than just a sunscreen

KFC chicken scented sunscreen

With the introduction and free giveaway of KFC Chicken Scented Sunscreen, people are sure to get other ideas.

KFC has stressed the point that it’s not for eating, but others may have other ideas. Perhaps many affectionate men and women will use it as a substitute for Whipped Cream or Chocolate Body Rub.

This will work very nicely, especially for the people who have a passion for fried chicken. Now, they can have two passions going for them at the same time.

If this products takes off, KFC may want to expand their product line in the sunscreen division, and come up with Fish Scented Sunscreen. This way, the people on Plenty of Fish, who are interested in Chocolate Body Rub will have the best of both worlds.

Elizabeth Smart story – Chance for Dr. Phil to increase his ratings

Elizabeth SmartElizabeth Smart is likely to be a very special guest on the Dr. Phil show in the near future. This is the kind of story that is probably making the TV Psychoanalyst water at the mouth.

For the last two years, the Dr. Phil show has been airing reruns. He has aired the Michelle Knight story and others, repeatedly. I know I’ve seen versions of the Michelle Knight story on his show at least three times.



Elizabeth Smart story has all of Dr. Phil’s specialties

Elizabeth Smart was held in captivity for 9 months by an addict who forced her to watch pornography. According to Smart, this made her “Living Hell Worse”.

Dr. Phil has dealt with all kinds of problems over the years. Some of his specialties have been, addictions, captivity, depression, tragedy and danger. The Elizabeth Smart captivity has it all.

5 things that will make you stay in your house

When you look out your window, you may see something that will let you know right away that you won’t be leaving the house on that day.

5 things that will keep you in your house




A Violent Storm


A Few Feet of Snow


A Tornado


Herelately, If You Live Anywhere in the Country, a Riot

Ferguson, MO swears in new African American Police Chief

Hopefully, this is the beginning towards ending this racial war

Continue reading

Deadly tornado hit south of Oklahoma City, kills two

See the actual video of this deadly tornado

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US Postal Service losing billions from email – Will Government stick it to us?

us-postal-serviceThe United States Post Office doesn’t have much to do these days. They’re not delivering many letters because people are sending emails instead. At least when you send an email, you know it’s going to get delivered. It may end up in the junk file, but the recipient will still get it if he looks hard enough. Can the US Postal Service make this same guarantee?

Will Email put the US Postal Service out of business?

Not a chance. The Government doesn’t go out of business. If they get in financial trouble, they just turn to their venture capitalists and sources of financing – ALL OF US! It’s called “Taxes”.

The price of stamps have just increased from 46 to 49 cents. This 3-cent hike is the largest increase in more than 10 years. But they’ll still lose billions of dollars.

What scares me is, the Government could regulate email. I can’t imagine having to pay 49 cents every time I send an email. Can they do this? Yes they can. They’re the government. They can do anything they want to do, and we can’t do a thing about it.

Is there a bright side?

The Postal Service is still in business, and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Deliveries of packages and parcels is saving their rear ends. Thanks to online shopping, these deliveries are going up by approximately 6 percent each year. But consider the worst case scenario. Suppose drones take over deliveries. One way or another, the Government will get it back from us. They always do.

Academy Awards Boycott may be the last straw. Someone smarter than Hitler is taking all of this in.


Double standards can be harmful, and sometimes fatal

When a white celebrity discriminates against blacks, he’s a racist. When a black celebrity discriminates against whites, he’s a militant. The only difference is, the racist will lose all of his endorsements, just so the companies can cover their rear ends. The militant will become a hero for setting an example.

The way I see it, BOTH are racists, and BOTH are wrong.

I’ve got some news for you. Blacks don’t like this double standard any more than whites. There are a lot of black people out there who’d love to literally punch out both Will Smith and his illustrious better half.

I’ve spoken to many friends of mine who are black, and very good friends. My fear is, this racial war, which is taking a turn for the worse, is going to destroy my relationship with them. But my fears and concerns go a little deeper than this.

I hope history doesn’t repeat itself

Blacks have worked very hard, and have come very far to achieve what they have over the years. This is a tribute to them, and the way it should be. Unfortunately, there are idiots like Will Smith and his wife trying to set them back 70 years. In all fairness to the Smith couple, the media hasn’t busted their butts to come up a peaceful solution. They’ve just stirred it up more and more.

This works both ways. Don’t forget Paula Dean. All she had to do was refuse to answer the question, “Have you ever used the N word” in a dignified way. But apparently she didn’t think, and certainly didn’t consider the consequences. I often wonder if she knew the question was coming beforehand.

So there you have it. Both sides are equally to blame.

But the blacks aren’t the only people who’ve experience prejudice and hate from others. Think of what the Jews had to go through. And don’t’ forget the holocaust, which still remains the most tragic event in the history of the world. I hope to God that something like this never happens again. And I hope this is not wishful thinking, but the thought scares me.

As much as it pains me to say, something like this is very likely to happen in the future, and I hope it’s not in my lifetime. It happened before, and it could happen again.

What I’m about to say will shock you. I don’t know anything about what’s going on at the present time. I’m just a humble blogger trying to get readers. This is what I think is going on right now. I hope to God I’m wrong, but this is my opinion.

Somewhere out there is somebody who’s taking all of this in. For the record, let me say that I don’t think it’s Donald Trump. He’s too obvious, and too smart to do anything of this magnitude. Besides, Trump is not an evil man, in my opinion. I’ll refer to this someone as a person, because it could be a man or woman, or, girl or boy. This person could be an adult, or could be a child at the age of 12. But this person is not opening his or her mouth, and is already thinking about the future.

We may know the person in question. On the other hand, this person may not be known to the public, YET. But he or she will be known, in time, if this racial war is not stopped NOW.

If there is such a person who actually exists, this person will be 10 times smarter than Hitler, and 10 times more of a hater than the worst member of the KKK. This person will hate everybody and everything that gets in the way. He or she will be smart enough to accomplish a goal, and will find a way to prevent the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, United Nations, Congress and the Government from stopping them. This person may be from another country, but I doubt it. It’s my opinion this person is a US citizen, just going about his or her daily life, and taking it all in.

If there is such a person, and I hope the hell there isn’t, I’m frightened to think of what could happen.

And there’s one more thing I want to add. If such a person exists, is the person black or white? This is getting more frightening by the minute. If there is to be another holocaust, who will be the victims? I think we all need to ask this question.

This Racial War must stop Now.

My final plea to everyone

As much as I hate to say it or believe it, I do think there will be another Holocaust. It may not be as extreme, but then again, it may be worse than 70 years ago. Times are changing and it will not be done the same way. We must pay close attention to the warning signs, and they are all around us. People are starting to forget what happened, and this cannot happen if we want to avoid another Holocaust. We cannot forget about how so many people of all different beliefs suffered and lost their lives during the Holocaust. History cannot repeat itself and it is our responsibility to rally against it and do everything possible to prevent this from ever happening again. And this especially includes the media.

So, I am making a plea to everyone reading this article. PLEASE, STOP THIS RACIAL WAR, I beg you.

This article and image were submitted by a visitor to who shall remain anonymous, by request. Any views or opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of

Don’t blame Funeral Home for girl’s missing body. Blame the thief, and sue the insurance company.

Girl's missing bodyFuneral homes carry insurance, I’m sure. Like home owners insurance, it should cover theft of property on the premises. Does funeral homeowners insurance also cover theft of bodies?

A Texas couple is suing Mission Park Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries of San Antonio for $1 million dollars for allowing the body of their daughter to be stolen five months ago.

Theft of body could have been inside job

Body parts is big business and can bring a lot of money. It’s surprising what people would pay for bones, tissue, lungs, hearts, etc.

No one other than the funeral home or the family knows if she was embalmed for an open casket funeral before being cremated, or it was just a closed casket funeral. If a closed casket funeral her body could have been missing for several days prior to her casket being placed in the hallway before cremation.

Maybe the girl was cremated, and in their bereavement, the family forgot and lost the ashes.

There are crooks in morgues and funeral homes. The funeral homes in general top this list. The thief was probably working in cahoots with the funeral home. If someone is cremated, the family still has to pay the full price of a funeral. This is a racket.

The funeral home is not necessarily to blame. But if they sue the funeral home, tough luck. They deserve what they get, and for that matter, so does the insurance company.

Of course, there’s another side to this story:

She said she was not ready to die just yet, and she simply stood up, hopped out of the casket and left the building with Elvis.

Daniel Holtzclaw gets 263 years for rape, and cries. He knows his sex life is not over, but just beginning.

Daniel Holtzclaw

He wasn’t crying when he was raping teenagers and grandmothers, but he produces Lake Michigan when he’s convicted. Typical psycho.

Justice always prevails in the end – NO PUN INTENDED.

He’s crying because he thinks his sex life is over. But it’s just beginning. He’ll be dropping many bars of soap in the shower. Most guys in prison don’t like cops anyway, but he’ll find one who’ll give him all the lovin’ he wants.

Daniel Holtzclaw not helpful for ending racism and segregation

What is interesting but not surprising is that the news about Will Smith and his wife choosing not to attend the Academy awards has generated a lot of racial controversy. Suddenly, when an ex police officer gets life plus in prison for cowardly raping black women, the Will Smith story has taken a back seat. Racism is still happening in America, thanks to people like Daniel Holtzclaw.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore typical religious fanatic – Will cut your throat

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

It’s one thing to be a devout Christian. These people are moral people who know the most important thing in life, keep it within themselves and don’t try to push it on others. They don’t try to use their so-called hotline to heaven to get what they want, and destroy other people in the process.

On the other hand, there is the religious fanatic, who pretends to be a Christian and moral person, pushes their beliefs on others, and uses their connection with the Supreme Being for personal gain and damage to others.

Judge Roy Moore uses religion to  advance his political career

Alabama Chief Justice Roy MooreIf you can recall a few years back, the court ordered the removal of the Ten Commandments monument that was on display at the Alabama Supreme Court. Moore became extremely rattled, and made a huge of issue of this ruling. Many believe that this contributed to his re-election as Alabama Supreme Court Justice. But if someone has to, literally, use God for political advancement, perhaps he has some serious issues.

Did Moore use this issue to establish himself as a God Fearing Man, and brand himself as such for his political career? Did he use The Almighty to get votes? If he did, heaven help him, no pun intended.

Now, the outspoken Alabama Chief Justice is trying to take on the Federal Government, by refusing to acknowledge the legality of gay marriages. He’s fighting a losing battle. If there is a difference of opinion between Federal Law, and State Law, I’m sorry, Judge. Federal law wins out.

Mr. Moore, stop trying to fight the law. You can’t hide behind God’s robe any longer. This time, God is not going to help you. God loves all people, but he does not take too kindly to idiots.

8 reasons Trump is right about those damn Camel Jockeys


People are quick to judge other people. Donald Trump has received a tremendous amount of criticism since he publicly stated that Muslims should be banned from this Country. I agree with Mr. Trump. Get rid of every one of those camel jockeys. I have another name for them, but like I said in the last post, I don’t use the N Word. But I’ll give you a hint. The first of two words to describe them is Sand.

If you’ve interacted with those characters, you’d understand where Donald Trump is coming from. I have interacted with them and done business with them. I’ve never met one who wasn’t a blasted nightmare. The Asian Americans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricon’s and Afro Americans are all cool dudes, but these people suck. In all honesty, I believe the Government doesn’t want them here. Unfortunately, I believe we have a Commander and Chief who is one of them, and Donald Trump is aware of this.

6 reasons Muslims (Camel Jockeys) should be banned from this Country

Doing business, and performing a service for them is a nightmare.

If you have one as a customer or client, you’re going to earn every dime you make. They’ll see to it.

If you have an appointment to meet with one at 9:00AM, you’d better be there at 8:45AM, or you’ll be late. You’ll never hear the end of it.

No matter how good a service you perform for them, it’s never good enough. They will try to make you do it over and over again, and in their minds, you’ll never get it right.

If you both agree on what service is to be performed for them, they will try to manipulate you into doing more and more for them, for nothing.

No matter what the situation, all they do is whine, bitch and complain.

They’re deadbeats. They don’t want to pay you until the job is complete. Then, they still don’t want to pay you. They’ll always claim you didn’t do what they wanted you to do, even though you did. However, there is a way to overcome this. Don’t give them anything until you get your money. Otherwise, you’re SOL.

They’re cowards. Out of courtesy to them, I’m not referring to them as chicken shit. But I won’t deny this. If you confront one for being a horse’s rear end, he will clam up, and not say a word. Then, you’ll never see him again. If this happens, I hope you got your money. Otherwise, you’ll have to sue him to get paid. Consider all of the terrorist attacks, especially 9/11. Were these cowardly acts? I rest my case.

Muslims hate Americans. The other reasons above confirm this. Any Muslim you come into contact with would kill you in a heartbeat if he thought he could get away with it. But that’s not their style. They wouldn’t do this unless they’re in a group and have you out-numbered. Remember, they’re cowards.

Obviously, Donald Trump has had dealings with them. Otherwise, her wouldn’t have said what he did. Don’t judge him harshly. He knows what he’s talking about. People have said that this Country will be ruined if he’s our next President. On the contrary, this country will be ruined if he’s not.

Restaurant Owner tells inspector, “GET THE HELL OUT”

Many restaurants are so gross that you’d probably be better off not eating there. The Health Inspector usually closes them down. But this was not accepted by the Owner of Red Lantern Chinese Food Take Out / Delivery at Florida’s Deerfield Beach.


The owner told the Health Inspector to “Get the Hell Out of Here” in no uncertain terms. This was after the inspector found maggots, rat feces and no telling what else, in the food.

When the local new media went to the restaurant, the owner extended them same hospitality.


About a year ago, the owner of the Good Friend Chinese and Seafood Restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama started shooting at a customer because he complained about cockroaches in the food.

Doesn’t the health inspector or the news media in Deerfield Beach read the paper? If so, didn’t the incident in Birmingham tell them anything?

As for the health inspector and news media in Deerfield Beach, they should thank their lucky stars that they’re still alive.

Inmate drunk when killed – What so unusual about that?

escaped-inmateOne thing a prisoner knows how to do is get alcohol. So, they don’t allow them to have alcohol in prison. This doesn’t stop them. Many inmates take fruit from the chow hall and make wine. And the ones who do all have drinking buddies.

Source: ABC News

Are you a homosexual? – PART II

are-you-a-homosexualThis is a true story. About a week ago, I had some business with the local Social Security office. I overheard a conversation between an applicant for Social Security Disability Benefits, and the lady who was waiting on him.

She was filling out a form, and asking him questions.

I overheard her ask him,

“Are you a homosexual?”

His answer was,

“No, I’m an American.”