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The case of the confused dog


When my owner is really talking loud, it confuses me something awful.

I can’t tell if he’s happy or mad.

But I love him anyway.

How to train your dog, when you don’t know how


This little guy just got him a new puppy.

He wanted to train it, but didn’t know how. He told his Dad he wanted to train his dog, and asked him for advice.

His Dad told him, “I don’t know how to train a dog. Why don’t you look on the internet. There are lots […]

The post of the Naked Mechanic


Email from female Merjeo Reader:

Dear Merjeo,

When I saw this picture, I laughed my ass off.

I just had to send it to you. That was the first thing I did when I saw it.

This was the second thing I did:

I went outside, tried to start my car, and prayed that it […]

The first time you flew in an airplane, where did you go?


If you ask 100 people this question, over half would say, . . .

To the Bathroom!

Find the right NICKNAME that describes you, and only you

You are about to choose a nickname that is unique to you alone.

This will be a nickname consisting of two words. Get ready.

On the chart to the left, pick the month in which you were born. This will be the first word in your nickname.

Next, pick the day you were born. This […]

The depressing thing about a vacation


A vacation consists of

2 weeks that are

2 short, after which you are

2 tired

2 return

2 work, and

2 broke not


Holy Number 2! One of these days, I’m going on a vacation, and forget to come […]

28 Alternatives to Holy Shit!


I don’t like using the expression because it’s not very nice. I’m trying to keep Merjeo a clean website.

But remember, Merjeo is supposed to be a fun website. We try to post fun content that you will enjoy. We do not intend to post any material that is offensive to private citizens. Our comments […]

She’s coming after you


She thinks you’re sexy.

She has the hots for you.

You turn her on.

You drive her crazy.

She wants you. She’s coming after you. It’s only a matter of time.


You must look at the photo very carefully


Look at this photo.

Look at it very carefully.

Now I want to ask you a question.


They call me a good watch dog. There’s a reason I’m so good.


I’m a damn good watch dog.

I’m a trained watcher.

I’m the best.

Every time you make a snack,

Every time you make a meal,

Every bite you take,

I’ll be watching you!