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How good are you at Rolling the Dice ?

rolling the diceRolling the Dice – Here are the rules

Every time you roll the dice you get $3 million.

If the dice lands on double sixes, you will go to jail for 30 years, but you still get the $3 million.

Would you play? Is so, how many times would you roll?

Here’s some alternatives

Negotiate! Don’t negotiate money. Negotiate years. Ask for 10 years jail time. If you’re in your twenties or even your thirties, you’ll still be young when you get out, and you are set for the rest of your life. And just think about the interest you will earn while you are in jail. Also, consider that you might get lucky and never land on double sixes. If so, how many times would you roll?

If you can’t get the years down, don’t roll, unless you are over the age of 70. At least you will spend the rest of your life with someone else taking care of you, and your family will be set for life.

If you can’t get the money up and the years down, consider playing, but on one condition. You can use your own dice.

Finally, Don’t play at all, which is my best advice. The House Always Wins!

Follow the leader-Who do you want to follow-Think before you answer

followBe careful who you follow

This does not apply to Twitter or Facebook. Although, following the wrong people on these platforms could get you in trouble, it’s not likely. I’m talking about the real world, brick & mortar, face-to-face, or whatever you want to call it.

Last Friday evening, I watched the TV Special on ABCTruth and Lies: The Family Manson. This made me think about choosing the right people to follow as role models. Granted, Charles Manson is not exactly a role model, but the people in his crime family thought he was God.

When you follow someone, here’s what can happen

The people who followed Charles Manson ended up with life sentences in prison.

The people who followed Richard Scrushy when he was the CEO of HealthSouth ended up with 5 to 10 year sentences in prison.

The people who followed Jeffrey Skilling, former CEO of the Enron Corporation, ended up with much longer sentences in prison.

Finally, the people who follow Bill Gates, co founder of Microsoft, end up in the top 5 on the Fortune 500 list.

Be careful who you follow.

Craziest thing I ever did on a job interview, but I got the job

job interviewGood question, truthful answer, crazy job interview – GOT THE JOB

When I was in college, my major was accounting. I always wanted to be a CPA, which I was for 30 years. I didn’t want to be a lawyer, because I didn’t want to piss people off.

After I graduated from college, I had a job interview with Peat Marwick & Mitchell, which is now, KPMG. It’s one of the international accounting firms. If you’re not familiar with them, take a look at the attire worn by Phil Mickelson the next time you see him on TV playing in a major tournament. They are his sponsor.

Before going after my first accounting job, I was aware that the international accounting firms had a bad reputation for letting people go on the spur of the moment, just for the hell of it. This bothered me, and I was intimidated by it.

On to the job interview

This was a long time ago. But I do remember two questions the interviewer asked me.

First, he asked, “What do you like most about accounting?” I don’t remember exactly what I answered. I think I said, “I like the prestige.”

The second question he asked was, “What do you like least about accounting?” That answer, I remember very well. I said,

“The employee turnover.”

The interviewer laughed so hard, he couldn’t talk. When he finally re-gained his composure, he said,

“Son, that was brilliant. You’ve got the job.”


Pyramid Schemes – How they were then, and how they are now

pyramid-schemesI first heard of a pyramid scheme in 1980. A former college professor called me one night to see if I had become successful yet. He wanted to meet with me the next day at my home. When he arrived, he told me how nice it would be to make $50 thousand a year, which was good money then. Then I said to myself, “Oh No! This guy is up to something.” Right away, he started drawing circles on a presentation board. To make a long story short, this was my introduction to Amway. From that point on, he almost drove me crazy.

Amway is the grandfather of pyramid schemes, so I’ll use them to make my point. But what I am about to say applies to all pyramid scheme guys. Since Amway, thousands of pyramid schemes that have come and gone. Then, they were through personal contact. Now they are digitized, computerized, and online.

These pyramid scheme guys drove you crazy THEN, and still drive you crazy NOW

Here are 10 things you should Do and Never Do when an Amway Distributor drives you crazy – THEN and NOW.

10 Do’s and Never Do’s with an Amway Distributor if you’re not interested


Never give your telephone number to an Amway Distributor.

If he calls you, don’t return the call.

Never call the Amway Distributor.

Never give your home address to an Amway Distributor.

If the Amway Distributor gives you a tape to listen to, take it, but put it on the shelf.

If an Amway Distributor won’t take no for an answer, threaten to whip his ass.

If he still won’t take no for an answer, get a restraining order.

If he still won’t take no for an answer, go ahead and whip his ass.

Never get stuck in an elevator with an Amway Distributor.

Never give an Amway Distributor the slightest hint that you may be interested.

Never give your cell phone number to an Amway Distributor.

If he texts you, don’t return the text.

Never text the Amway Distributor.

Never give your email or website name to an Amway Distributor (if you have one).

If an Amway Distributor recommends a YouTube video to watch, watch something else.

If an Amway Distributor won’t take no for an answer, threaten him through cyber bullying.

If he still won’t take no for an answer, block him on Facebook.

If he still won’t take no for an answer, hack his Facebook and email accounts.

Never get caught in a chat room with an Amway Distributor.

Never like or share anything on Facebook with the Amway Distributor.



Customer Service is for new customers, not existing customers

Customer Service Will Only Talk to New Customers

customer serviceLet’s say you want to do business with a new company for the first time. This can be any type of company.

It can be the cable company, the telephone company, a cell phone company, an online company, or any kind of company that is going to lock you in, so that you will have to pay them a monthly fee.  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$




The first time you call them, a recorded voice answers the phone. The first two selections are:

        • If you are a new customer, press “1”.
        • If you are an existing customer, press “2”.

Customer Service Will Not Talk to Existing Customers

These companies do not want to talk to you, unless, you press “1”. If you are a new customer, they will put you through to customer service in less than 20 seconds. If you are an existing customer, they will place you on hold for about 20 minutes before they put you through to customer service. Sometimes, they don’t even put you through. You may get a recording like this:

“We are presently experiencing an unusually large amount of call volume. Please check back with us later.”

Then, you just take a deep breath and say, “Oh, the HELL WITH IT!”

They don’t like to talk to their existing customers. They will only talk to new customers.


The best kind of business-Pissed off customers always come back

gambling-casinoIf you want to go into business, and are not sure about the kind of business you want, consider this.

There is one business in which you don’t have to worry about pleasing the customer. You can even piss them off, and it doesn’t matter. The more you piss the customer off, the more he keeps coming back.

This is the only business where dissatisfied customers keep coming back, over and over again.

Open a Gambling Casino


Many millionaires started with crazy ideas

Las Vegas was once a barren desert. Living conditions were deplorable, to say the least. Someone had the craziest idea in history – To build a city in the middle of a place where civilized people were afraid to go. There is no way to estimate the amount of money taken in each day in the city that was once the craziest idea ever thought of by a human being.


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