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No more junk food – Doctor’s orders

junk-foodMy Doctor told me to start eating healthy. He specifically said, “No more junk food!”

This was no problem. Immediately, I started eating all of the junk food in the house.

After about 3 days, the junk food was gone.

No longer a problem. The temptation is gone. I ate it.

The other white meat



I noticed this sign behind the bar in a restaurant, shortly after I ordered the Chicken Tenders.

Holy Shit !

Why you should stay away from Fast Food Restaurants

fast food restaurants


The food at the fast food restaurants tastes good. But the better something tastes, the worse it is for your health.

This is what I look time every time I eat a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Damn this! I’m just spinning my wheels




“I can’t seem to find the Over Baked Lays . . .”

5 things you’ve probably never known about cucumbers

cucumbersCucumbers are the ultimate health food. They’re high in fiber, not fattening, and they taste good, if you can develop a taste for the damn things.

There are 5 other things you probably didn’t know about cucumbers.

    They dissolve kidney and bladder stones

    They heal stomach ulcers

    They relieve headaches

    They promote healthy skin

    Finally, they make you piss like crazy.

It’s great to be Italian, but sometimes it can really be a big PAIN IN THE ASS

Italian-Fig-CookiesI’m very proud to be Italian. I’ve been one since the day I was born (NO KIDDING). But if you know how to do something that other Italians don’t know how to do, this is where the pain in the ass part comes in.

Christmas Cookies – An Italian Tradition

Christmas Cookies are a tradition to many people. We Italians have never claimed to have the monopoly on this. However, we have something unique – The Italian Fig Cookies, also known as Cudiatti’s.

You can try Googling Cudiatti’s, but I don’t think you’ll find them. If you want to know what they look like, see the picture above. If you want to know what they taste like, I’d suggest you become my newest best friend. I think this is a friendship you’ll like, because they are very, very delicious. And I made 20 dozen a week before Christmas, as I do every year. The reason I make so many is because I like to give them to friends.

Italian Fig CookiesThis year, I did something different. My nephew took a picture of me while making these delicious Italian Fig Cookies. A few minutes later, I posted it on Facebook. I thought my friends would get a kick out of this. I received over 200 comments, most of which I’ve deleted. Other Italian men I’ve known for years commented:

Bring me some

I want some of your cookies

I still haven’t gotten my cookies

Where are the cookies

I want some of your cookies

The list of comments like these was endless. If anyone wanted any of my cookies, all they had to do was come get them.

I knew everyone who asked for cookies. Some had been good friends over the years. For the first 20 comments, I replied back and said,

They’re here. All you have to do is come get them.

Then, I gave them my address by private message. Unfortunately, I never heard from any of them again. After a few days, I just deleted the comments requesting cookies.

Don’t misunderstand me. As I said earllier, I’m not stingy when it comes to my cookies. But if I’d taken the time to bring cookies to everyone who asked for them, I would have had just as big a job as Santa Clause. Oh well, maybe not quite as big.

In Italian Families, women are the bakers

I learned to make these Italian Fig cookies about 17 years ago. My grandmother had just passed away, and my mother didn’t want to make them anymore. A year after she passed, I was determined to learn how to make them.

This is unusual. Generally speaking, Italian men don’t make cookies. They wouldn’t know where to start. However, there are a few men who do it. Most leave it up to the women. But I said to myself, 17 years ago, “If I want fig cookies, I’d damn well better learn how to make them.

The rest is history. I’ve make them every year since, and have loved every minute of it

By the way, if you’d like the recipe, contact us, and I’ll send it to you. But let me caution you. They’re not easy to make.

Little Sister is an Artist – She can make anything taste good

Some people just have that special touch. Little Sister, Sarah has it


Monkey Bread is irresistible, especially the way my Little Sister, Sarah, makes it. Unlike the standard recipe, with brown sugar and cinnamon, Sarah has her own twist. She fills each of the round pieces of bread with chocolate.

No question, this is my Little Sister’s masterpiece. If you want the recipe, sorry, I can’t help you. She’ll never let me have it, which is understandable. But click here to get a good recipe for monkey bread from Pillsbury.

But I must caution you. It’s not going to taste as good as Sarah’s. She can make anything taste good. In fact, I joke with her a lot by saying, “Sarah, you can make a turd taste good!”


Whoever designed deep fryers for the home is a moron

Deep FryerA non-commercial deep fryer, meaning, one made for home use, is a handy gadget to have in the kitchen. Just cut a potato in strips, and you have some delicious home made French Fries in minutes.

I have no complaint about the functionality of the product. Most of them I’ve used work great. But there is a design flaw. I notice this every time I finish frying. I want to clean up fast and go on about my business, but this flaw makes this impossible. Continue reading

Breakfast is not just for breakfast anymore


I love breakfast. It is my favorite meal. Many people just have a bowl of cereal, or coffee and toast, because they are in a hurry. Sometimes on weekends, they simply sleep late. No problem, There is no rule that says you have to eat breakfast in the morning. Continue reading

There’s more to French Toast that just eggs and milk


I have been making French Toast for years. All this time, I have made it the same way. I took a beaten egg, mixed it with milk, placed the bread in the mixture for about a second and fried it in the cast iron skillet with a little butter or margarine. However, it did not dawn on me that there are many other ways to make French Toast, until a few years ago. How could I have been so naive? I always wondered why my French Toast always tasted so bland. Continue reading