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Could the best college football team beat the worst NFL team?

Could the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Cleveland Browns?

Alabama Crimson Tide

One of the teams would take a beating like never seen before. Continue reading

Nick Saban and Kirby Smart about to do a snow job on the Georgia Bulldogs

Nick Saban – The genius behind Alabama’s success
Nick Saban

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This is exactly why GOLF is such an amazing game


The Advantages of Golf

Golf is fun. It’s relaxing. It’s a way to get away from your normal daily routine.

If you’re good, golf is a way to make a few bucks. For example, you can bet your golf partner $5 a hole.

The best thing about golf is, it’s therapy. If you play golf, you forget everything else in your life. You will think of nothing but golf. Continue reading

2 professional sports teams named after tragedies


Chicago has a pro soccer team known as the Chicago Fire.

But did you know that Chicago once had a pro football team, also known as the Chicago Fire? This was in the old World Football League, which started in 1974 and folded in 1975.

Why Chicago Fire. You’ve never seen these teams:

  • The New Orleans Katrina
  • The Oklahoma City Bombers
  • The Dallas Assassins
  • The Los Angeles Riot
  • The New York Destroyers

Pardon the blurred image, but this picture is 41 years old.

LeBron James against Bill Russell? Would have been awesome

Is LeBron James the Greatest Basketball Ever?

First of all, let me say that I am one of the biggest LeBron James fans in the country. The guy is incredible.

I’m also a big Bill Russell fan. His record of eleven championships in thirteen years with the Boston Celtics will never be challenged. I’d love to see LeBron make a run for this, but I don’t think he will last that long. No basketball player will ever be as durable and last as long as Bill Russell. I remember watching this guy play. Some of the things he did on the court were amazing.

In case you may not remember, Bill Russell was known more for his outstanding defense. This is what would make a match-up between the greatest basketball player of all time, and the greatest on the planet now such an awesome event. This could be done. Several years ago, there were computer games created between great NFL teams of different eras.

How would LeBron have done against Russell?

LeBron likes to drive towards the basket. The present day Celtics, Bulls, Hawks and now, Golden State Warriors can’t stop him.

If we are ever fortunate enough to see a computer generated game between the 2012 or 2013 Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics of the 1960’s, you can be sure that LeBron would challenge Russell by driving in to the basket. Would LeBron do the same to Russell that he is doing to the guys trying to defend him today?

The answer is, NO. As great as LeBron is, he would not have beaten Russell the same way. LeBron would have scored on Russell, but not very often. Bill Russell was the greatest and the smartest basketball player ever. No one has figured out a way to stop LeBron. Bill Russell would have. There’s a reason he won 11 championships in 13 years.

Now I know why it’s called MARCH MADNESS


Kentucky fans riot after loss to Wisconsin

As you might expect, Kentucky fans did not take the loss to Wisconsin very well. They took to the streets in Lexington, Kentucky, and set things on fire. March Madness means they are mad after blowing their perfect season. Alabama football fans have always compared themselves to Kentucky basketball fans. The questions over the years have been, Which Fans are Better?”, and Which Fans are Worse?”. Well, in all fairness to Alabama football fans (as well as other die hard Alabama boosters), they don’t set fire on things after a loss. Instead, they take away the football team from another University in the state.

Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky tweeted ‘I hate Kentucky’

Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky did not hide the way he feels about Kentucky. On April 22, 2011, the most valuable player Tweeted, I hate Kentucky. Some dedicated fan dug up the Tweet before the rematch last night, probably to make the Wisconsin wizard MAD. Thus, the reason it is called March Madness.

March Madness is the right name. Just see the results

Some synonyms for madness are: craziness, lunacy, foolishness, delusion, stupidity, absurdity, irrationality, mental disorder, psychosis, etc. The list goes on and on, and it’s not pretty.

Whatever happened to sportsmanship. But I suppose if it’s called March Madness, fans feel obligated to make sure the event lives up to its name.

Golf and Pool – Two good games but wrong players

Guaranteed to Cut 7 Strokes from Your Score


Where the games are played

Golf is played outdoors. The game is played on a golf course, which is hundreds of acres of land. Some golf courses are surrounded by trees and forests. With this much land available, there are plenty of places to hide. This is the kind of setting where you are likely to find thieves, cut-throats, robbers, gangsters and other such colorful characters.

Pool is played indoors. Pool tournaments are played in some of the swankiest hotels in the world. These hotels are resorts, where the rich and famous vacation every year. Some professional pool players still participate, all dressed up in tuxedos. This is nostalgic, and a reminder of the old days. This type of activity attracts aristocrats, high society, business people, successful people and pillars of the community.


The people who play the games

Many people, of all walks of life, play pool. Many people, both blue collar and white collar workers play golf.

In spite of where the games are played, and who hangs out in these places, the two games are associated with two entirely different groups of people.

Golf, which is played where cut-throats and gangster are likely to hang out, is associated with the aristocrats, high society, business people, successful people and pillars of the community.

On the other hand, pool, which is played where the upper class is likely to hang out, is associated with thieves, cut-throats, robbers, gangsters, safe crackers and other such colorful characters.

Shouldn’t this be the other way around?

Football, Baseball, Basketball – Change a few things


The three most popular sports are, Football, Baseball and Basketball. To many, these are the only activities that should be considered Sports.

There are some things in these three sports that make absolutely no sense. These are crazy, weird and bazaar. But remember, this is Merjeo, where everything is crazy, weird and bazaar.


This is a great sport, and one that generates the largest audience of the entire year. This is on Super Sunday? There are, however, some things about football that make no sense.

The name of the sport is football. This is misleading, because only two players are allowed to use their foot – the kicker and the punter. They are very seldom in the game. If anyone else uses their foot, it will cost their team 15 yards. The object of the game is to hit the player with the ball. Therefore, the name should be changed to hitball.

Football is a man’s game. It’s not knitting or basket weaving. The guy with the ball is going to get his bell rung, and that’s the way it is. Therefore, the fair catch should not be allowed. If a player calls for a fair catch, he is pleading with the other team not to hit him, which defeats the purpose of the game.

Football’s overtime rule is all wrong. In the event of a tie, there should be an extra 15 minute quarter. Whoever is ahead at the end of this quarter wins. If there’s still a tie, do it again. If players complain because they are tired, TOO BAD! They should have won the game when they had the chance.


All right! Our National Past time!

With baseball, the name is right, but it defies the object of the game, which is to get to home plate. Baseball has first base, second base, third base and home plate. Change the name of home plate to home base, and this problem is solved.

When a batter is hit by a pitch, he is awarded first base, and all is forgotten. This is all wrong. When this happens, the batter should be awarded all four bases, and a run scored. The same applies to anyone who is on base. Then, the pitcher should be warned. If he hits another batter, the same rule applies, and the pitcher is thrown out of the game. Just think about it. A batter can come up with the bases loaded. Instead of hitting a grand slam, and grand slam could hit him.


This game is named correctly, because the object of the game is to get the ball in the basket. But there are two problems with the game.

The pros have a 24 second shot clock, which is OK. But the 35 second shot clock in college is too long. College players are younger and should be faster. Change the shot clock to 24 seconds. An even better idea would be to change the shot clock to 20 seconds in pro and college. Then you would see some serious fast breaks instead of that crappy slow down basketball, which is chicken basketball.

The only other problem with the game has nothing to do with the game itself. It’s the way the coaches dress. Most basketball coaches look like they stepped out of Brooks Brothers. Coaching is stressful. Why don’t they dress more comfortable? They are not going to church, a funeral or a formal dinner party. They are coaching a frickin basketball game. Football coaches dress like they are going to the golf course, which is comfortable. Baseball managers dress the same way as the players, which is appropriate. After all, you would not expect a basketball coach to wear shorts and a tank top. A football coach should not be expected to wear pads and a helmet. He is not the one getting his butt kicked.

Michael Jordan with Adidas?


Did you know that Michael Jordan was about to sign with Adidas? The Company turned him down because they thought he was too short.

Unfortunately, for Adidas, the Company wanted a guy who was at least seven feet tall. To Adidas, this better represented the sport of basketball.

Just think about how this would have altered the course of history. First of all, if Adidas had signed Micheal, they probably would have signed Tiger Woods. Michael would still be Michael, and Tiger would still be Tiger. But what would have happened to the fates of Adidas and Nike?

By the way, Adidas would have probably turned down Tiger, because he was too tall.

Villanova CRY BABY just lost a basketball game

Don’t cry, Honey! All you lost is a basketball game. Villanova is not as good as North Carolina State. Don’t take it so hard. Life goes on. Get ’em next year.

It could have been worse. The flute player from Gone With the Wind just lost his brother.

Is Bad Ass Ndamukong Suh worth $114 million?


Ndamukong Suh has signed with the Miami Dolphins for $114 million, with a guaranteed payout of $60 million. By the time he pays Uncle Sam, and the Jock Tax, Suh’s net earnings on the assumption of $60 million guaranteed will come out to about $34.7 million.

Is Ndamukong Suh worth this much money? Of course he is. He’s the dirtiest player in the NFL. So what? This is football. This is not basket weaving. This is not a little boy’s game. When he steps on the field, he’s supposed to be a bad ass.

People either love him or hate him. But the ones who hate him love to watch him play, just hoping he will do something crazy. And he rarely disappoints them. He’s worth every penny because he puts butts in the seats. The Dolphins’ owner is not crazy. He’s a business man, and is looking for one thing – PROFIT. Ndamukong Suh is his newest selling tool.

Syracuse Basketball hit hard – Will vacate 108 wins

syracuse-basketballSyracuse Basketball is just an example of the changing times, and Coach Jim Boeheim is the comic figure in all of this. Ordering teams in violation of the rules to vacate wins is something the NCAA has done recently. In the past, NCAA penalties only meant the violating team lost scholarships and couldn’t play in the post-season. If you want to go way back, the violations resulted in being banned from having their games televised. But that’s history, because there’s too much money to be made.

This vacating of wins stuff started with the scandal at Penn State involving Jerry Sandusky. Jim Boeheim should have to vacate 108 wins because his violations resulted in many of those wins. Had he not cheated, Syracuse Basketball would not be considered a National Power. In fact, I’m not sure they were ever considered one. Syracuse Basketball is like the Boise State Football of college basketball. No one really wants to watch them play, but they just keep showing up like a bad penny.

Penn State is a different matter altogether. This first class football program was, and will be again, a National  Power. Had Jerry Sandusky not been turned on by boys, and kept his pants up, Penn State would still  have won the games they were ordered to vacate. Penn State’s violations had nothing to do with the football program.

The NCAA should take away the 108 games from Syracuse, and no one outside of Syracuse would care. But they shouldn’t have taken the 112 wins away from Joe Paterno, because people all across the United States do care. The NCAA obviously knows this, otherwise they wouldn’t have given them back. Of course, there could be another reason. Perhaps the NCAA wanted to clear their conscience. But I don’t think so. The NCAA has no conscience.

Dallas Cowboys & Tony Roma – No pink stuff

When I say pink stuff, I’m referring to an expletive, aka, the P Word. This is what keeps a man from doing what he has to do. It is accurate to say that this expletive kept Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys from winning the super bowl eight years ago.

There’s no Jessica Simpson. His chances are much better than in the past.

Tony Romo couldn’t even handle a snap from center on a winning field goal attempt in the first round of the playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks in January, 2007. Was this Jessica’s fault. I’m not putting the blame on her. However, if I were the holder, and a beautiful, sexy woman was sitting in a stadium suite wearing my jersey, with pink numbers, I probably would have fumbled the snap too.

This was one of the funniest things that has ever happened in sports. The only person who was not laughing about it was Jerry Jones.

Like many people, I would like to see Tony Romo win at least one championship. He has his chance this year. If he does not do it, he never will.

There’s no Jessica Simpson to mess him up. Those pink numbers, and that pink stuff prevented him from doing it in the past.



Johnny Manziel, it’s a whole new game now

johnny-manzielCome on, Johnny Manziel. You didn’t think you were going to just put on that Browns uniform and make a difference right away, or did you?

At Texas A&M, you played every week against ten good players and one great player. Now, you are playing against eleven great football players every week. Don’t try to be a difference maker like you were in college, because the pros will sniff you out like a hunting dog.

You’re not playing against Vanderbilt, Mississippi State or Arkansas anymore. Even as great as Nick Saban’s defenses are, you’re not even playing against him. These guys are pros – the best at what they do.

Be patient, Kid. Remember, you jumped your senior year to turn pro. By all rights, you shouldn’t even be there yet. But you are, so approach it with the right attitude. If you do, you’re day is coming. Keep your head screwed on right.

You certainly didn’t expect to be a superstar pro quarterback your first year. The only guy who did this was Joe Namath. That was a different era, and you are no Joe Namath.

Oregon’s Uniforms look better, but still like clown suits

oregon-arizonaI am watching a little of the Pac 12 Championship game between the Arizona Wildcats and the Oregon Ducks.

I have to admit, Oregon’s uniforms look better than some they have worn in the past, but they still look like SH__!

During the pregame show, some of the Oregon players were asked what it takes to be a champion. My question to the person who asked the question is, “How would they know?” They had their chance to win a championship four years ago, but they ran into a major stumbling block – the Auburn Tigers. Their chances for this year don’t appear much better. They will have another stumbling block – Nick Saban.

Like Father, Like Son? Ask UAB

bear-bryantThe Alabama Crimson Tide may be champions on the field. But off the field, there is more going on than meets the eye.

When Dr. Ray Watts, UAB’s president, made the announcement to drop UAB football, I tried to read the expression on his face, and in his eyes. I could tell that he probably made this announcement under duress. Many people, myself included, have a pretty good idea where the threats originated.

Legendary Alabama coach, Bear Bryant was a winner on the field. Off the field, he was like the business man who is afraid of competition. Years ago, Alabama played many of their home games in Birmingham. There are stories that he threatened to pull out of Birmingham if they landed a pro football team.

Is his son like him? Maybe not on the field. In my opinion, he doesn’t know the difference between a football and a testicle. But many are speculating that this character, who calls all the shots at the University of Alabama, wanted UAB out. In fact, Alabama would probably get rid of Auburn, Samford and Troy if they could.

Alabama has no reason to be afraid of UAB, but do have reason to be afraid of Auburn. They may have won the Iron Bowl this year, but you can bet that at least every other year, the Tigers will kick their ass.

Violence runs in the Ohio State family

Ohio State strength coach, Anthony Schlegel decided to pull a Woody Hayes style antic, by tackling a fan running on the field during the game with the University of Cincinnati.



Violence obviously runs in the Ohio State family. Recall, in the 1978 Gator Bowl, when Ohio State legend, Woody Hayes punched Clemson nose guard, Charlie Bauman, for intercepting a pass from Buckeye quarterback, Art Schlichter in the closing minutes. This interception sealed a two point win for Clemson.

This incident is both similar, and different from that which occurred in 1978.

The similarity is, Woody Hayes never apologized to Bauman for punching him out. No one expects Schlegel to apologize to the fan who ran on the field. The difference is, Woody Hayes was the goat, and was fired the next day. Schlegel seems to be a hero, and could probably be elected if he were to run for governor of Ohio.


Golf attracts too many HOT-HEADS

Why do so many angry golfers damage their clubs?

golf-clubsThis is stupid. I am not about to damage my golf club. I paid too much money for them. Most of the golfers who have these temper tantrums are just weekend golfers.

There can be three reasons why these hot-heads like to do this.

First, their ego could be getting the best of them. This has to be my number one choice. Weekend golfers have an ego. Every weekend golfer likes to talk about how great his golf game is, when in reality, it sucks.

Second, they want a new set of clubs, and just need a good excuse to buy them. I have the ultimate excuse. I just want a new set of clubs. That’s it – short and to the point. Besides, don’t damage your old clubs, You can always sell them on Ebay. If they are damaged, no one will want to buy them.

Finally, they probably think they are much better golfers than they really are. I’d be the first to admit that I am not that good a golfer. But who cares?  I have fun, fun, fun.

Who do they think they are, Tiger Woods?

Notre Dame – Auburn in championship game – No Bear Bryant


Latest Forecast – an Auburn, Notre Dame championship game?

Is it possible? That’s what the experts are predicting.

I believe it is possible. Unfortunately, for Notre Dame, they could not stay on the field with Auburn. The only bright spot on the resume of the Irish, regarding the Southeastern Conference, is they never lost to a Bear Bryant coached team. Bryant was a legend, but he could not beat the Irish.

If this happens, and Auburn beats Notre Dame, the Bear will be turning in his grave.

Derek Jeter – Another single digit number

derek-jeterDerek Jeter went out in style. He delivered a game winning hit in the Yankees’ 6 – 5 win over Baltimore.

Will Derek Jeter’s number be retired?

This is a no brainer. Derek Jeter is one of the greatest. But there is another incentive for the Yankees to retire his number. His number, Number 2, is one of only two single digit numbers the Yankees have not retired.

We are thorough. Here is the list.


No. 1 – Billy Martin











No. 3 – Babe Ruth (aka, “The Babe”)











No. 4 – Lou Gehrig











No. 5 – Joe DiMaggio











No. 7 – Mickey Mantle











No. 8 – Yogi Berra









No. 8 – Bill Dickey











No. 9 – Roger Maris








Why didn’t Bill Dickey or Yogi Berra wear Number 6? Then, the Yankees can have all the single digits retired?

Andre Ellington may sit out opener


When the Chargers and Cardinals kick off Monday night, Arizona may be without their star running back, Andre Ellington. A foot injury has made the running back from Clemson questionable.

Starting in his place could be Johnathan Dwyer, the fourth year man from Georgia Tech. This could lead to the beginning of a superstar’s career. Stranger things have happened. This time next week, the Arizona Cardinal fans may be asking the question, “Andre WHO?”

Source: ESPN

Former Oregon player screwed


Former Oregon Ducks tight end Colt Lyerla claims that a booster promised him a house and a car if he signed with the Ducks. He also claims the booster welched.

I think there is more to this story. Perhaps the booster promised him a house and car, in exchange for a National Championship. Of course, everyone knows that Auburn took care of this. To be even more specific, it was Auburn running back, Michael Dyer who was responsible for Auburn’s win. In a tied game, during the closing minutes, Dyer kept running when he and the referee were the only two people in Glendale, AZ who knew his knee never hit the ground.

If my hunch is correct, then this former tight end shouldn’t blame the booster. He should blame Michael Dyer.

Way to go Michael! WAR EAGLE!

Source: Sports Illustrated

Wes Welker Suspended for Four Games


This was after testing Positive for Amphetamines. I’ve heard of a soft nose – A player who tries to find the quickest way to get on the 90 day disable list. If he can’t do it one way, he’ll do it another. Some of these guys just don’t want to play. And who could blame them? I would be delighted if I didn’t have to get my ass busted for four weeks.

Source: TIME