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My girlfriend wants me to become a vegetarian. Should I?

vegetarianFrom an email from a Merjeo reader:

My girlfriend is kind of a hippy and is a vegetarian. She’s not controlling or anything, but she really hates when I eat meat and gets really judgmental about it. Whenever she sees me eating meat, she starts talking about slaughter house statistics and how cruel it is to eat meat. I don’t really care about the meat, I can give it up if I want, but I don’t want her to think that she can just change everything about me that she doesn’t like.

In the past I used to have a pilot’s license as a hobby, but she dumped me because she said she’s afraid of airplanes and said she was sick of constantly worrying about me dying in a plane crash. She also persuaded me into quitting smoking two years ago. In general I love her and she’s really funny, easy going and pleasant to be around, but the meat and airplane shit bugs me. I’d never tell her what to do. By the way, I’m 27, and she’s 24.

Response from Merjeo:

Wow! I’ve seen quirks before, but this takes the cake. She’s giving you a hard time about two things that have nothing to do with each other. How many more things about you piss her off?

What does she like to do? Observe what she likes, and give her a taste of her own medicine.

If she likes needlepoint, get on her ass about it, and tell her that she could puncture her finger with the needle and get blood poison.

Tell her those vegetables she likes so much have probably been sprayed with insecticide, and could cause an infection.

Better yet, tell her that we all can get cancer by breathing, and she has to stop breathing to stay healthy. No, don’t go that far. But put the shoe on the other foot. This will either get her off your case, or make her paranoid. If she gets paranoid, she won’t be bothered by your habits anymore because she’ll be worried about her own.

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