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Kansas lawmaker worried more about beautiful women than the law

Senator-Mitch-HolmesKansas lawmaker, Senator Mitch Holmes could be a dirty old man. If he’s thinking about imposing a dress code for beautiful women as witnesses, he must have his mind on other things besides the law. No short dresses or low cut blouses? Come on Senator, get real. What’s the matter with this guy? Are beautiful legs and breasts distracting him from enforcing the law? They must be. Look at the smile on his face in the picture.

What’s the problem with beautiful women?

Every day, the women on Fox News spend a lot of time showing off their great looking legs. Is that the ONLY way Fox can maintain its Ratings? Let me put it this way. That’s one of the main reasons I like Fox News. Now I ask, what’s wrong with seeing beautiful women’s legs?

The good senator should focus on the law instead of the sensation he must get from seeing beautiful women.

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