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Is it dangerous to have sex with your cousin?

sex with your cousinEmail from Merjeo reader:

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, my cousin is 31, I’m 18, and she really likes me a lot.

I want to have sex with her so bad, I can hardly stand it. Yesterday we were kissing. Then I stopped her because I felt it wasn’t the right thing to do. I’ve heard that our children might have Down Syndrome or something like that if I do anything with her. Is this BS or NOT?

I do like her, but I can’t have a family because of that. I won’t put my penis anywhere near her body.

Merjeo’s response:

Actually, your kids will grow up with a superior IQ. This also happens when pregnant women are on steroids. There’s only one side effect. The kids are psychotic. And speaking of psychotic, have you checked your marbles lately?

You’re saying you want to raise a family with your cousin. You have to be out of your mind. I think either your parents are cousins, or, your mother was on steroids when she was pregnant with you.

I’m sorry to break it to you Pal, but your cousin is toying with you, laughing and enjoying every minute of it. If you have sex with her, it would be nothing more than a training session. In other words, she’ll give you sex lessons.

Stop dreaming!

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