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Today was a big day for Michael Jordan

michael-jordanOn June 12, 1991, Michael Jordan won his first NBA title as the Chicago Bulls defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in the fifth game of the championship series. This was also the first championship for the Chicago Bulls.

Michael was the one who made Nike shoes famous. Nike became the most popular shoe with the introduction of the Air Jordans in 1985.

While Michael was making Nike famous for shoes, Tiger Woods was making them famous for everything else.

Did you know that Adidas almost landed Michael Jordan before Nike? They actually turned him down because he was too short. Adidas thought a seven footer better represented the sport of basketball.

This raises the most mysterious question, “What if?” What if Michael had signed with Adidas? Would Tiger have signed with Adidas instead of Nike?

What would be the impact today? Michael would still be the same Michael, and Tiger would still be Tiger. But where would Adidas and Nike be?

Would Adidas have turned down Tiger? If so, what would have been the reason? Would he have been too tall? We’ll never know the answers to these questions.


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