Violence runs in the Ohio State family

Ohio State strength coach, Anthony Schlegel decided to pull a Woody Hayes style antic, by tackling a fan running on the field during the game with the University of Cincinnati.



Violence obviously runs in the Ohio State family. Recall, in the 1978 Gator Bowl, when Ohio State legend, Woody Hayes punched Clemson nose guard, Charlie Bauman, for intercepting a pass from Buckeye quarterback, Art Schlichter in the closing minutes. This interception sealed a two point win for Clemson.

This incident is both similar, and different from that which occurred in 1978.

The similarity is, Woody Hayes never apologized to Bauman for punching him out. No one expects Schlegel to apologize to the fan who ran on the field. The difference is, Woody Hayes was the goat, and was fired the next day. Schlegel seems to be a hero, and could probably be elected if he were to run for governor of Ohio.


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