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Posted in The Country, on June 26th, 2013

Paula Deen Will Turn a Failure Into A Success

Paula Deen may have made the eternal mistake last week – messing around with racism. However, this is not going to do her in. She is strong. She has many loyal followers. There are many who still love the “Queen of the Southern Cooking”.  Also working in her favor is the fact that many people love to forgive, and love a come-back. Unfortunately, not everyone is forgiving.

She committed no crime. She did nothing unethical. All she did was answer a question that was asked of her under oath, which was, “Have you ever used the ‘N’ word?”. The answer she gave could have been more tactful. There are ways to deal with this issue that are not insulting to anyone. She could have responded by saying, “Son, you have to be a little more specific. Nice is an N word. Neat is an N word. Near, Nassau, No, Name, Normal and Number are all N words. To what word are you referring?” Any attorney, in his right mind, would have dropped it then.

Unfortunately, she chose the former. I am Italian, and I would not have liked it if she had admitted that she used the “D” word. But who am I to judge her? For that matter, who is anyone to judge her? In her interview with Matt Lauer this morning, Paula was right when she tearfully said, “If there’s anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back . . . If you’re out there please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me. Please, I want to meet you . . .” The fact remain that only one person, who lived as a human being two thousand years ago, and still lives today in spirit, can throw that stone. But I don’t think He would do that. This man is the all-time champion when it comes to forgiveness.

The fact remains, Paula has brought joy to many people. Many of her loyal followers are not going to forget that, and they will stand behind her every step of the way.

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