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Merjeo Moments

If only I could go back in time with my laptop and smart phone

I barely remember the fifties and sixties, but often hear how much better life was. I've always wondered what it would be like to go back there, with my laptop and smart phone. But there would be one major problem. First, I couldn't text because there would be no one to text, since I would be the only one with a smart phone. Second, I couldn't surf the web, because there would be no internet. Life is Hell!

Here is one way to never forget your password or username

Every time I try to log into something with the wrong username or password, I get an error message saying, "Your password or username is incorrect." Damnit, which one is incorrect, my username or password? I solved the problem. I changed all my usernames and passwords to "incorrect". This way, if I enter one of them incorrectly, the system will tell me what they are.

People who refuse to take no for an answer make me want to throw up

I ran into an old acquaintance who wanted me to create a website for him. I've worked with this guy before, years ago, and I didn't want to again. When I refused, he screamed at me. I gave in and said, "I'll do it, if you pay me up front." He said, "Fine", for what it was worth. When I got into the work, he was just as difficult as ever. Nothing I wanted to do was going to make him happy. Therefore, I told him, "Get someone else to help you." He screamed at me again, and I said, "I didn't want to do this in the first place." Then he said, "Then why didn't you tell me?" What a bastard! And by the way, he never paid me up front.

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