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Is there such a thing as reverse Double Jeopardy?

I guess I've been watching too much TV, but here goes. Double Jeopardy means someone can't be convicted for the same crime twice. But suppose an innocent man does 20 years for murder. Suddenly, the real murderer is found, and the man who did 20 years is released. Should the real murderer have to go to prison, considering that the system has already handed down punishment for the crime?

How I out foxed a beggar with a cardboard sign

Last Friday afternoon, around 5PM, I was on the freeway ramp, and saw a man with a sign that read, "I will work for food." I stopped, and said, "Come with me. I have some work for you. I'll be glad to pay you." He said, "Hell no! I can't leave now. It's rush hour."

Something that is not illegal but just feels wrong

When you're driving down the highway, minding your own business, not doing anything wrong, and a cop follows behind you tailing you just for the hell of it. You say to yourself, "Oh no, a COP, I better be careful", when you really want to say, "Stop following me, you ass hole!"

McDonald's introduces a new meal

McDonald's is thinking about discontinuing the Happy Meal and introducing the Angry Meal. I wonder what kind of food and toys are in this meal?

Thank God for the Good Old USA

I moved to England from Texas about a year ago. One of the major things that I noticed was that smiling and being friendly towards strangers was considered bizarre. This is somewhat true in any metropolitan area, but not nearly as bad as the UK. In Texas I was used to smiling at people, asking for directions if I needed them, and being friendly towards strangers. I learned very quickly that smiling at someone, or asking someone for directions on the street immediately makes someone think you’re trying to scam/rob them or you’re crazy.

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