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Merjeo Moments

The most insane thing I have seen someone do to save money

My next door neighbor asked me if I could fix his toilet, since he knew that I was pretty handy around the house. For some reason, it kept getting stopped up. After I fixed it, I told him to test it by flushing some toilet paper down the toilet. He tore off one small sheet and tested it. I said, "You cheap SOB!"

The most fucked up thing I have ever seen another person do

My former business partner did something one day that that makes me still scratch my head when I think about it. He offered a girl a job with our company as his assistant. This was his call and I stayed out of it. She had a job at a bank making over 50K a year. Since she was going to work for our company, she quit her job. Then, my former partner changed his mind and told her the job was no longer available. If her husband hadn't been such a nice guy, he would have killed my former partner.

If you can afford a cruise, you can afford to pay your electric bill

2 days ago, my younger brother called me and asked to borrow $450. He said it was to pay his power bill, and he was a little short. I was going to meet him yesterday, until I saw a post on Facebook by his wife the night before. They are going on a cruise in a week. Damn, this pissed me off. If we didn't have the same mother, I'd call him a Son-of-a-Bitch!

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