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Merjeo Moments

If you are older than 19 do you remember what you did on New Years day, 2000?

If you are old enough to remember that day, and what frame of mind you were in, you were probably sitting around in panic, hoping that everything you know did not completely shut down.

What goes around comes around

A few years ago, I was a graduate student in Indiana. Graduate school is a little different from under graduate school, in that, most of the professors have the students write papers instead of taking tests. For some strange reason, one of my professors hated my guts. I never missed a class, and I did all the work he assigned, which was, 2 papers. He flunked me. A few years later, the guy was sentenced to a year and a day in Federal Prison for receiving videos of child pornography. 'Take That, you Pervert! What goes around comes around!'