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How to shake up the Olympic Games

I've been thinking about this for years. Have the Winter Olympics in February, as always. Host them in a country where the equator passes through, such as, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya or Uganda. This way, it will be hot, and the summer events like swimming, diving, track and field, etc. can take place in February. Then, have the August Summer Olympics in a place where there is snow all year round, like, Switzerland, Austria, or Canada. During the Summer Olympics, the winter events like skiing, bobsledding, and figure skating can take place in August.

Golf can be a dangerous game

I'm a member of a very exclusive Country Club, so, the story I'm about to tell doesn't usually happen at a place like this. I was on the 13th hole, in the fairway, walking to the green. Out of nowhere, a golf ball hit me slap on the top of my head. The guys who were on the tee behind up got a little impatient. Aside form that, don't these idiots know how to shout, FOUR!!?

Why professional bowlers get no respect

I bowled a perfect 300 three years ago. Actually threw over 24 strikes in a row in a 3 game series, but only the middle game was perfect. I haven't bowled since. I'm not one to brag about myself, but I'm proud of that. Unfortunately, I never get the chance to tell anyone about it because no one gives a damn about bowling. If I'd scored the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl, I'd be dining at the White House.

Today, I was at a baseball game

Today, I was at a baseball game. The seats were fairly close to each other, although, we were not exactly cramped. The guy sitting next to me had a nervous twitch. He kept moving his leg up and down, like he was listening to music. But he didn't have any earphones on. He got on my fucking nerves after a while. I wanted to say something to him, but didn't push it, because he was drinking one beer after another. People get a little crazy when they drink.

I won the daily double and it was by accident

I won the daily double and it was by accident. I went with my dad to the dog track, a few days ago, and he sent me to the $2 quinella window and wanted the one and the eight dog. I accidentally went to the wrong window, the daily double window. This was the 11th race, and this meant that one had to win the 11th race, and eight, the 12th race. I'll be damned if this didn't happen. My dad said I was the luckiest person alive.