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Merjeo Moments

This is the one thing that constantly annoys the SHIT out of ME

With all of the devices we all have, you can't get through a whole week without having to call someone for tech support. When you are talking to someone about a problem, you're already pissed to the max. Then, you can't hear the person because there are 50 people talking in the background. You tell them about it, and their reaction is, "Duh, . . .! I don't know what you mean."

The two most overrated things in the world

The first thing has to be pizza roles. They have all the earmarks of regular pizza, but they taste like shit. The second thing is, brand name products. In my opinion, it is just a waste of money.

What off-brand in a store is better than the name brand?

Probably, all the off-brands are better. They're all made by the same company that makes the name-brands, but they're cheaper. Cheaper is always better. If you're a tightwad, you'd agree.

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