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Merjeo Moments

Want a beer?

Want a beer, beer

What is you favorite one line quote? Mine is not too pretty.

When I want someone to leave, I don't just tell them to go. I say to them, "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out."

The best non sexual feeling in the world

Finally peeing after you've really needed to pee. For like 60 seconds straight.

The best "In Your Face" saying of all time

You have to go to the bathroom real bad, but are too busy to stop what you're doing. Just tell the guy with you, "Hey, do me a favor. Go to the bathroom and take a piss for me!"

A place where you will never see a Nike ad

I would never bet my life on this, but you probably won't see the Nike ad at the Crisis Center, or, a Suicide Prevention Center.

Eighth grade student very knowledgeable about sex

I'm an eighth grade teacher. Earlier this week, I was helping a girl student with something, and was standing next to her desk. As I was bending down to help her, the boy sitting behind her said, "You have some nice looking titties, Teach?" I was shocked. I didn't know what to do. I just froze, and nothing became of it.

At the funeral of my grandpa something happened that made two whole rows laugh hysterically

At my Grandpa's funeral, I remembered he had a bumper sticker on the bathroom mirror that said, "Old fishermen never die. They just smell like it." I started chuckling, and losing the fight to suppress it when my brother asked me what was wrong with me. I whispered the phrase in his ear. Soon the whole row behind us was laughing. My Grandma turned to give us hell, when my brother whispered it in her ear.

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