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11 differences between Love and Lust – What they tell you about yourself


Love vs Lust

Love can wait. Lust wants fulfillment now.

Love is about the other persons best interest. Lust is about your own self interest.

Love has to do with trust. Lust has nothing to do with trust.

Love keeps fighting. Lust gives in and moves on.

Love promises freedom. Lust pushes you into slavery.

Love glorifies God. Lust empowers Satan.

lustLove will always tell the truth. Lust will always lie.

Love always wins, and is a winner. Lust always loses, and is a loser.

Love has a future. Lust has no future.

Love lets you know what a good person you really are. Lust lets you know how disgusting you are.

FINALLY,  LOVE always succeeds. Lust always fails.

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