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12 excuses a woman gives for not wanting to have sex

You will never hear a woman say, “I don’t find you attractive”, “I don’t want you”, or the truth, “I’m just not in the mood”. If she does not want to have sex, she can think of over 100 excuses.

1. I’ve had a rough day and I’m tired



2. I’m going out with the girls tonight



3. I want you to love me for me, not just for my body



4. We’re not animals, and we can’t do it just to be doing it



5. I’m not feeling my best tonight, but tomorrow night I’ll feel better, and you’ll get it.

Tomorrow night will come, and you still won’t get it.


6. I’m about to start my period

So, she has not started her period yet! What is she going to do, start her period during the climax?


7. There’s a movie on Lifetime I want to watch tonight

She’s probably seen the movie at least 10 times.


8. I don’t have my makeup on tonight, and I want to look my best for you.

You will be in the dark, Darling. I won’t know the difference anyway.


9. My hormones are acting up on me. I’m about to start the change of life

Oh Great! This means NO MORE SEX, PERIOD.


10. I just washed the sheets today

We have more than one set of sheets. And sex is not dirty. And if you are on birth control, I won’t have to pull out, and dirty the sheets.


11. I am not 100% my best tonight, and I want our sex to be something special

Chances are, she won’t be 100% tomorrow night.


12. The dogs will be sleeping with us tonight

They sleep with us every night. Does this mean we will never do it?

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