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3 Ways To Prepare For This Week’s Brutal Snow


In a situation like this, you’re likely to be caught with your pants down. Nature will take its course, no matter what the weather. If you eat, it happens. Just make sure you have plenty of this stuff on hand. If you don’t, you’re in big trouble.


When the weather is cold outside, and you’re stranded, you can go stir crazy. But if you don’t give a damn, you’ll be better off. Also, it’ll be very hard to stay warm. If you want to solve both of these problems, and kill two birds with one stone, have plenty of this stuff on hand.


Finally, there’s probably not going to be much to do. The power will be off, so you can’t watch TV. You can play with your smart phone, but eventually it will die, and you won’t be able to re-charge it. You can’t play on the computer. You can’t listen to music. But if you need something to do to pass the time, this will accommodate you. Need I say more?

There you have it. Stay clean, stay loose, feel good and have fun. I think this covers everything.

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