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4 things that are crucial to a healthy diet

healthy-dietA few weeks aago, I spoke with two Doctors, at two different times. I asked each the following question, “What does a healthy diet consist of?” I was not surprised to discover that their answers were almost identical.

According to tese two Doctors, these 4 things are what a healthy diet consists of.



1. Common sense

People should know just as much about certain foods as Doctors. They also know how certain foods make them feel. Eating foods high in fat are going to make you feel bad. Foods high in fiber will make you feel good. Remember the foods, and the effects they have on your body. You know how you feel after eating certain foods. Use a little common sense, and good judgement.

2. Make the right food choices

We all know soda, fast food, processed foods, and refined sugars are not good for us. However, we still have them on a regular basis. Here’s a simple rule. If you can’t pronounce one of the chemicals in the ingredients listed, you probably shouldn’t be putting it into your body.

3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

I can’t say enough about fruits and vegetables. Two Doctors and now confirming that fruits and vegetables are a major part of what a healthy diet consists of.

According to the experts, fruits and vegetables are easy to digest, and high in fiber.

4. Eat meat from farm-raised animals

Doctors are very suspicious of preservatives. That’s why they recommend farm-raised animals, as opposed to the meat you purchase in the grocery store. Both Doctors agreed that meat purchase in the super market is no better than processed foods. You don’t know what has been injected into the animals to stimulate fast growth.

Closing thoughts

I went on to ask each Doctor which one they considered the most important of the four items above. Again, both Doctors agreed. Common sense is the key element in what makes a healthy diet. If everyone uses a little common sense, they will have no problem finding the easiest diet to stick with.

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