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9 things to consider when a 40 year old man dates an 18 year old girl

40-year-old-manThis was a concern by the 40 year old man. The girl apparently had no concerns. This was like an adventure for her, little did she know.

9 Concerns about a 22 year difference in age

Is the man sure he wants to date an 18 year old? Is that what he wants?

Could this just be an infatuation of hers that will soon fade away?

How will they both look when she’s 38 and he’s 60?

A man’s sexual peak is around the age of 26. If he begins to lose his desire at the age of 40, will she be around long?

If this is for real, consider this. A woman’s sexual desire is at it’s highest at the age of 38. Will she give him a heart attack?

Assuming he has not lost his appetite at the age of 40, is his mind on marriage, or just having fun?

Does this guy risk falling in love, only to have his heart broken?

Is this girl an offline catfish? In other words, is she a gold digger?

Could this innocent little girl be emotionally scarred and taken advantage of by an older man?

Merjeo’s advice to the older man: Go for it. Have your fun while it lasts.

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