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5 Women you should never date

A Taker and not a Giver


If you’re looking for a woman you’d rather take to the sack instead of marry, watch out for the taker. She will take all the time. Then when it comes time to give, she will either have a headache, or be on her period.

A Bad-Mouther


I can’t stand women who say bad things about her ex boyfriend or husband. I could care less about any of her ex’s. Besides, if she would bad-mouth him, she would also bad-mouth you.

A Lazy Bitch


Some women want you to do, do, do for them. When it comes time to return the favor, they’re suddenly tired, or have a headache. Then, if you say something like, “What do I get in return?”, that headache starts throbbing more.

An Egotistical Bitch


Men don’t hold the monopoly on egos. Women have just as big an ego as men, if not bigger. Also known as a self-centered bitch, this kind of woman just wants a man, to make her feel important. It happens to be you, but could be someone else if she thinks something better comes along.

A Stake-Out Queen


This woman will watch every move you make. Whether she cares about you or not is immaterial. She cares more about herself. She wants to be in a relationship because it makes her feel important. The thought of you talking to another woman is a jolt to her ego. She is so into herself that her attitude is, “I don’t care for him that much, but he is mine and no one else can take him from me.” My advice is, don’t friend this bitch on Facebook. Otherwise, she will watch every move you make with you even knowing.

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