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Famous places people would like to visit, and why

There are so many famous places and landmarks in the world. Many of these are places that many people, at least once in their lifetime, would like to see.

What would you like to see in your lifetime?

Here are the 6 places that people would like to visit:

sistine-chapel The Sistine Chapel

The people who have visited this beautiful place have described it in one word – Breathtaking! The thought of a man creating such magnificent works of art for four years, while lying on his back is awesome.



Of course, no one would have ever wanted to visit this place as an inmate. Now that it’s a museum, there are many people who would like to see it just once in their lifetime. Many who have visited Alcatraz are still bewildered that Frank Morris, and the Anglin Brothers successfully escaped from Alcatraz, aka, The Rock.


Hitsville USA

Now the Motown Museum, this is where such famous people as Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and Dianna Ross got their start.


Winged Foot Country Club

This place is vicious. The US Open is played there every so often, and the leader board posts scores like 10 and 12 over par. As a golfer, I would like to see if this golf course is really as tough as people say it is.


The Grand Canyon

I’ve never been there, but I flew over it. It is an awesome site, even from thirty thousand feet.


The Egyptian Pyramids

These are awesome sites. They make you wonder how people who were less technologically advanced could build such massive structures. Or were they less technologically advanced? Who knows? But these have stood the test of time.

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