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The 6 Rules of Life – You may not need number 6

6 rules of lifeHere are the 6 rules of life

1. Be kind to others. Assume that others are doing the best they possibly can.

Be kind to yourself. I assume you are doing the best you possibly can.

3. Never be satisfied. If you do the best you possibly can, do it better. Reach deep down. There’s always more.

4. Be willing to let things go. Forgive yourself first. Then, forgive others for their screw-ups. People are human, and this includes you.

5. If you follow these first 4 rules, SMILE! It should all be working out the way you want it to.

6. If you’re walking around with your Head up your Ass, start with number 1 and read these damn rules over and over again.

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