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Blogging is my passion. 7 reasons why I Love Blogging!


  1. Blogging is personal  There is no other person in the world who blogs the same way I blog. Start blogging, and you will develop a style that is all your own.
  2. Blogging is a release  It’s the only way I can express the way I feel about things in a way in which the whole world can understand.
  3. Blogging is very relaxing  Writing is like playing golf, shooting hoops or working out. It relieves stress and tension. It’s a challenge, but can be most rewarding. When you blog, you seem to forget all the other problems in your life.
  4. Blogging is easy to communicate  Written words will get your message across to people more effectively than spoken words. If someone doesn’t understand your blog, he can read it again. If he still doesn’t understand it, then he’s not in your niche. If one hundred people read my blog, chances are, ninety eight people will understand what I am trying to say.
  5. Blogging gets me publicity and exposure  If my blog is good enough, people will like it. Likewise, if I do it consistently, everyone will know about me. Blogging opens the door to endless opportunity.
  6. Blogging sparks people’s emotions  Some people will love what I blog, some will be indifferent, and others will hate it. But you can bet, the ones who hate it will always come back for more. It’s funny, but when people get pissed off, they like to continue getting pissed off. Some of the best blogs are the ones that make people mad. If someone sends me a nasty email about a blog post, I’m delighted that they took the time to read my blog, and that it got to them.
  7. Blogging leads to success  The successful bloggers blog for one reason. They love what they’re doing. They don’t even think about making money. Some of these same bloggers with this attitude end up selling their blog a few years later for over $30 million.

There’s nothing in the world like blogging.

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