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A Catfish Tried to Sting Me

How an Online Catfish Tried to Scam Me

I’m not going to waste my time, or yours, telling you how to spot an online catfish – an online shyster who tries to get money from you. If you want to know this, just Google it, or go to Dr. Phil.



Almost a year ago, I received several emails from, I think,  a girl from a social media site. She (or he) claimed her name was Stacy. Poor Stacey was looking for a soul mate and that one true love. She said she was in Singapore trying to settle her late Father’s million dollar estate.

She sent me an email everyday for a week, telling me how madly in love with me she was, and how she could not wait to be in my arms.  I just ignored them. I had a pretty good idea what she was up to. So, I was just sitting back waiting for her to drop the bomb. And she did just that. As you can see in the email, she asked me to send her $9,000. That’s when I decided to respond. I sent her a email saying that I could not help her, and the result was obvious – I never heard from her (or him) again.








Here Are the Pictures My Darling Little Catfish Sent Me




This is What I Think About These Pictures

These pictures could be glamor photos. They could have been taken from someone’s social media profile, or another website. This also leads me to believe that the person who tried to scam me may not even be a girl.

Are all three of these pictures the same girl? I have my doubts.

Stacey, if these pictures are really you, don’t even think about getting pissed at me for posting them. You have bigger fish to fry.

Finally, if you are the young girl in these pictures, your name is not Stacey, you are not in Singapore, and you are not the heir to a million dollar estate, you’d better do something fast. Someone has stolen your identity.

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