Academy Awards Boycott may be the last straw. Someone smarter than Hitler is taking all of this in.


Double standards can be harmful, and sometimes fatal

When a white celebrity discriminates against blacks, he’s a racist. When a black celebrity discriminates against whites, he’s a militant. The only difference is, the racist will lose all of his endorsements, just so the companies can cover their rear ends. The militant will become a hero for setting an example.

The way I see it, BOTH are racists, and BOTH are wrong.

I’ve got some news for you. Blacks don’t like this double standard any more than whites. There are a lot of black people out there who’d love to literally punch out both Will Smith and his illustrious better half.

I’ve spoken to many friends of mine who are black, and very good friends. My fear is, this racial war, which is taking a turn for the worse, is going to destroy my relationship with them. But my fears and concerns go a little deeper than this.

I hope history doesn’t repeat itself

Blacks have worked very hard, and have come very far to achieve what they have over the years. This is a tribute to them, and the way it should be. Unfortunately, there are idiots like Will Smith and his wife trying to set them back 70 years. In all fairness to the Smith couple, the media hasn’t busted their butts to come up a peaceful solution. They’ve just stirred it up more and more.

This works both ways. Don’t forget Paula Dean. All she had to do was refuse to answer the question, “Have you ever used the N word” in a dignified way. But apparently she didn’t think, and certainly didn’t consider the consequences. I often wonder if she knew the question was coming beforehand.

So there you have it. Both sides are equally to blame.

But the blacks aren’t the only people who’ve experience prejudice and hate from others. Think of what the Jews had to go through. And don’t’ forget the holocaust, which still remains the most tragic event in the history of the world. I hope to God that something like this never happens again. And I hope this is not wishful thinking, but the thought scares me.

As much as it pains me to say, something like this is very likely to happen in the future, and I hope it’s not in my lifetime. It happened before, and it could happen again.

What I’m about to say will shock you. I don’t know anything about what’s going on at the present time. I’m just a humble blogger trying to get readers. This is what I think is going on right now. I hope to God I’m wrong, but this is my opinion.

Somewhere out there is somebody who’s taking all of this in. For the record, let me say that I don’t think it’s Donald Trump. He’s too obvious, and too smart to do anything of this magnitude. Besides, Trump is not an evil man, in my opinion. I’ll refer to this someone as a person, because it could be a man or woman, or, girl or boy. This person could be an adult, or could be a child at the age of 12. But this person is not opening his or her mouth, and is already thinking about the future.

We may know the person in question. On the other hand, this person may not be known to the public, YET. But he or she will be known, in time, if this racial war is not stopped NOW.

If there is such a person who actually exists, this person will be 10 times smarter than Hitler, and 10 times more of a hater than the worst member of the KKK. This person will hate everybody and everything that gets in the way. He or she will be smart enough to accomplish a goal, and will find a way to prevent the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, United Nations, Congress and the Government from stopping them. This person may be from another country, but I doubt it. It’s my opinion this person is a US citizen, just going about his or her daily life, and taking it all in.

If there is such a person, and I hope the hell there isn’t, I’m frightened to think of what could happen.

And there’s one more thing I want to add. If such a person exists, is the person black or white? This is getting more frightening by the minute. If there is to be another holocaust, who will be the victims? I think we all need to ask this question.

This Racial War must stop Now.

My final plea to everyone

As much as I hate to say it or believe it, I do think there will be another Holocaust. It may not be as extreme, but then again, it may be worse than 70 years ago. Times are changing and it will not be done the same way. We must pay close attention to the warning signs, and they are all around us. People are starting to forget what happened, and this cannot happen if we want to avoid another Holocaust. We cannot forget about how so many people of all different beliefs suffered and lost their lives during the Holocaust. History cannot repeat itself and it is our responsibility to rally against it and do everything possible to prevent this from ever happening again. And this especially includes the media.

So, I am making a plea to everyone reading this article. PLEASE, STOP THIS RACIAL WAR, I beg you.

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