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Women, be careful about accusing your husband of cheating

cheatingLetter from a Merjeo Reader:

If I continue to accuse my husband of cheating will that make him do it even if he’s not?

I think my husband is cheating on me, but I have no real proof. He denys it, but my heart says there is something going on. I have been asking and accusing him for months. Will he eventually cheat?

Response from Merjeo

Never Trouble Trouble, unless Trouble Troubles you

Leave it alone. If he says he’s not cheating on you, believe him. You should trust your husband. Obviously you don’t. Whey did you marry a man you don’t trust in the first place.

If you keep accusing him, he’s going to say, “Wow, I have this laid right in my lap. This is too damn good to pass up. She’s going to accuse me anyway, so I might as well get it while the getting is good.

Leave him alone, or you will push him right into the bed with another woman. If he’s never thought of this before, you can bet he’s thinking of it now.

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