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This Video about the afterlife scared the HELL out of me-Literally, I hope

This is the most accurate account you’ll ever see of what happens when someone has an “out of body” experience of the afterlife. In this video of a true story, Daniel experiences both heaven and hell. Only one thing in this video is true. This is at the 10 minute 4 second mark.

Watch this video, and read the description of what’s actually happening to Daniel.

Afterlife experiences are the work of the devil

Face it, the devil is here, on this earth. He’s desperate because we’re a threat to him and he knows the end is coming.

The devil is the father of all liars. He also knows the truth. What the devil does in this video is worse than lying. He mixes lies with the truth. The truth is, “You reap what you sow.” The angel was right. If Daniel can’t forgive, he can’t be forgiven.

Another thing that caught my attention was, the angel  didn’t have the authority to pass judgement on Daniel, which he didn’t do. He was a messenger sent to help Daniel save his ass. Listen to what the angel said about forgiveness, and what ever you do, please practice it. Take the rest of the video with a grain of salt. After all, the only person who saw the real heaven before he died was Paul the Apostle, and he was ordered not to talk to anyone about what he saw.

Finally, you must see the irony in this video. Satan is out to destroy us all. Sometimes, he implies the truth, but surrounds it with lies. Focus on the one truth in this video, and forget the rest. Learning to forgive could save you. The result will be, Satan setting out to destroying us, and having it backfire right back in his face.

I’ve received a few emails claiming that Merjeo is the work of the devil. Now you know better!

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