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Al Sharpton, stay the hell out of South Carolina shooting

al-sharptonAl Sharpton has already started running his mouth about the fatal shooting of Walter Scott by South Carolina cop, Michael Slager. He is already calling for Federal Police Laws.

Stay out of it Al. It’s not a race issue unless you make in one

This is a humanity issue, not a race issue. Anytime someone is killed in cold blood, the way that Officer Slager killed Walter Scott, they will get what’s due to them. At least, they will get their due punishment if you leave them alone an let them do their jobs.

Al, if you get involved, you’re going to make it a race issue. You’re going to piss the police department off, and provoke nothing but trouble for everyone. Is this what you want? Wow, what a silly question! Everyone knows the answer to this question.

My recommendation to you, Al, is that you leave it alone, and let them handle it the way it’s supposed to be handled. The video is cut and dry. The guy is guilty of cold blooded murder. If you just stay the hell out of it, the end result will be to everyone’s satisfaction, except yours, of course. If you don’t leave it alone, you’re going to cause problems, and provoke another racial war. I ask you again, “Is this what you want?”

Al, leave it alone. It will be dealt with the right way, unless you interfere. You should be more concerned about the $50 million dollars you own the government in back taxes.

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