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Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore typical religious fanatic – Will cut your throat

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

It’s one thing to be a devout Christian. These people are moral people who know the most important thing in life, keep it within themselves and don’t try to push it on others. They don’t try to use their so-called hotline to heaven to get what they want, and destroy other people in the process.

On the other hand, there is the religious fanatic, who pretends to be a Christian and moral person, pushes their beliefs on others, and uses their connection with the Supreme Being for personal gain and damage to others.

Judge Roy Moore uses religion to  advance his political career

Alabama Chief Justice Roy MooreIf you can recall a few years back, the court ordered the removal of the Ten Commandments monument that was on display at the Alabama Supreme Court. Moore became extremely rattled, and made a huge of issue of this ruling. Many believe that this contributed to his re-election as Alabama Supreme Court Justice. But if someone has to, literally, use God for political advancement, perhaps he has some serious issues.

Did Moore use this issue to establish himself as a God Fearing Man, and brand himself as such for his political career? Did he use The Almighty to get votes? If he did, heaven help him, no pun intended.

Now, the outspoken Alabama Chief Justice is trying to take on the Federal Government, by refusing to acknowledge the legality of gay marriages. He’s fighting a losing battle. If there is a difference of opinion between Federal Law, and State Law, I’m sorry, Judge. Federal law wins out.

Mr. Moore, stop trying to fight the law. You can’t hide behind God’s robe any longer. This time, God is not going to help you. God loves all people, but he does not take too kindly to idiots.

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