Alabama Crimson Tide SEC Champions – But where is the heart?

Alabama Crimson TideLack of heart can mean one of two things.

First, it means no feeling, unkind, unsympathetic, harsh and cruel. A vicious dictator can be a heartless individual.

Second, it means, no spirit, and no enthusiasm. It also means, no courage. But without spirit or enthusiasm, there’s no need for courage.

SEC Championship Game – A big disappointment

On Saturday afternoon, I happened to be fortunate enough to go to the 2016 SEC Championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Florida Gators. I’m a huge college football fan. However, my favorite team did not make it to the big dance. I didn’t really care who won. I just wanted to see an exciting football game.

Outside of the few bazaar plays during the first quarter, the game was anything but exciting. Florida was in rare form, as usual, by getting off to a good start, and then fizzling out. I can’t help but believe that Alabama went on the field knowing they were going to win, and Florida, knowing they would lose.

Where’s the excitement?

Alabama Crimson Tide – Not a very exciting team to watch

I’ve seen the Alabama Crimson Tide on TV many times. Even though I’m not an Alabama fan, I was looking forward to watching this team in person. Now that it’s over, I wish I’d stayed at home and watched the other games on TV. I’ve seen Army and Navy games that were more exciting than this dud.

Sporting Goods

Alabama has convinced themselves that they’re going to win every time they run on the field. For some strange reason, all the other football teams, except for two, believe this.

Alabama did nothing amazing yesterday. They just went through the motions, and won the SEC Championship, without a heartbeat. Of course, they can thank the Florida Gators for a lot of this. The Gators practically handed the Championship over to the Crimson Tide on a silver platter. But what’ else is new? Almost every team Alabama plays literally says, “Come on. Here’s the game. Just take it. We can’t get it.”

It’s as if the players were nothing but a bunch of trained robots. This has to begin with their head coach, Nick Saban. Sometimes I think if Nick Saban, and his players were to be dissected, there would be nothing there but a bunch of circuits and wires.

Alabama fans had no heart

alabama-crimson-tideI love college football. There’s nothing like it – the tailgating, the mingling among friends, the good food, and finally the game. It’s a great feeling to cheer your favorite team on to victory.

By observing the Alabama faithful (???), I got the impression they were watching a Shakespearean play for the hundredth time.

No heart. No enthusiasm. When Alabama did something good, the attitude was, “BIG DEAL! That’s what we’re supposed to do!” The few times Alabama did something that was not so good, the fans turned on them like a rattlesnake. “What the hell’s the matter with you?” “You guys are pitiful!” Damn, Nick! Who taught you how to coach a football team?” There was one instance, when Florida made a first down, that I actually heard a fan say, “Get rid of Saban. The bastard should be fired.”

Alabama mentality needs a major overhaul

The Alabama mentality began over 50 years ago. The late coach, Paul Bear Bryant brainwashed every one of the fans into believing that Alabama is prefect, and is incapable of making mistakes. The late legendary coach also taught his fans that anyone who is not Alabama should be hated.

When the MVP’s of the past SEC Championship games were introduced, one of the former players was Jason Campbell, the quarterback for the 2004 Auburn Tigers that went 13 and 0.

I can somewhat understand the Tide faithful booing Jason Campbell, considering he was a great quarterback for their arch rival. But Peyton Manning was also introduced as the 1997 MVP. Why boo Peyton? There’s not a more respected man in all of football.

Bama – Grow a heart

Alabama needs to grow a heart very fast. Otherwise, they will not see National Championship Number 17.

For what it’s worth, Alabama will murder the Washington Huskies. I listened to the interview with Washington Coach, Chris Petersen. He talked like almost everyone else who has faced the Tide this year – Like he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the game.

alabama-crimson-tide-ohio-state-buckeyesBut don’t forget about the most dangerous team in college football – the Ohio State Buckeyes. This is one team that opposing teams don’t want to see pissed off.

Even before the Buckeyes were selected for the College Football Playoffs, the rest of the media criticized them, saying they didn’t deserve to go. Keep it up guys! You’re just adding more fuel to the fire. If I were Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney, I’d tell the media to shut up.

Has the media ever been wrong? Ask Hillary!

Ohio State will beat Clemson. When the Buckeyes face the Tide, the media will be talking about the Tide’s revenge from two years ago. This will get the Buckeyes even more pissed off.

Alabama won’t beat Ohio State for two reasons. First, the Buckeyes will run on the field knowing they’re going to beat the Tide. They’re one of the few teams on the same level as Alabama. Second, every team Alabama beat this year had all but given up in the 4th quarter. But the Buckeyes will still be hanging around.

If this game happens, Nick Saban better bring a heart. If he doesn’t, he will be forced to produce one. Then, Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes will cut it out and show it to him.

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