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Animal Rescue – Can They Be Trusted to Save an Animal?

I am an animal lover. I love dogs. There is no question, a dog is the best friend you can possibly have. It will love you, no matter what.

I have two Boston Terriers that I love more then life itself. The brown one is Holly Ann. The black one is Dixie Rose. They don’t bite, but they will lick you to death.

boston terrier

Yesterday morning, I was taking them outside to do their business. It was freezing outside. Yesterday was by far the coldest day of the year so far. A neighbor’s dog was outside my house. I don’t know who the owner of the dog is, but I have seen this dog many times before. He is a very friendly fellow. All he wants is to be loved by someone. He is just an ordinary neighborhood dog, because he has hung around my house many times. I assume that he usually goes home when he is ready.

Because of the frigid weather, I was concerned, so I called my Vet and asked him what to do to get this fellow out of the cold weather. He suggested calling the nearest Animal Rescue service, and gave me the telephone number.

I called them, and said that I was concerned about this dog. The owner had abandoned him. They said that they could not come take the dog until the next day. I said, “TAKE? I don’t want you to take the dog. I just want you to find out if he has a microchip, and then, talk some sense into the dog’s owner. NO GOOD.”

Then, I asked, “If you do, in fact, take him and get him to safety, you won’t put the dog to sleep, will you?” The girl on the other end of the line said, “There is no guarantee. If someone does not claim the dog after 7 days, we probably will.” This really pissed me off. My response to this was:

Oh, HELL NO ! I’ll take care of this fellow myself !

The lady went on to say, “Sir, there is nothing else we can do. We can’t just keep dogs here forever.” Then I asked her:

How would the owner of this dog like it if you put him to sleep instead of the dog?

The dog spent the remainder of the day in my closed garage, under a blanket.

In closing, I want to share something else with you about my love for doga. About five years ago, when Michael Vick was sentenced to prison for killing dogs, someone asked me the following question:

Why is Michael Vick going to prison for killing dogs, while Ray Lewis did not go to prison for killing a person?

My opinion, and my answer to this question was simple:

Because Dogs are Better than People. A Person Will Hurt You for No Reason, but a Dog Will Only if He is Threatened.

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