5 Women were asked “Are you wearing underwear?”

underwearWhen six women were asked the question, “Are you wearing underwear?”, this is how they answered:

1: Yes I am. Thank you for asking.

2: I always wear underwear. But occasionally, I won’t wear any. But it’s not worth it, because nobody seems to notice, or pay me any attention.

3: Not wearing underwear is like playing peekaboo when a guy is looking.

4: Yes, I’m wearing underwear right at this very moment. I don’t know if I’ll be wearing any an hour from now, though. Like it’s always been said, the future is unknown.

5: Yes, I’m wearing underwear. Strange guys also need a place they can call home.

6: No. I not wearing anything except a Merjeo T-Shirt, with nothing under it.

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