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“Back to the Future” screenwriter – A real genius

Of the 3 Back to the Future movies, the second movie, “Back to the Future II” was my favorite. This movie was released in 1989.

If you saw this movie, you may recall that Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, and Doc, portrayed by Christopher Lloyd, traveled from 1985 to the future year (at the time) 2015. Here is the reading from dashboard of the time machine.

When they arrived in this year, things were a lot different than they were in the real 2015. However, one thing was almost 100 percent accurate.


In the year Back to the Future II was released, it was wishful thinking that the Chicago Cubs would ever win another World Series. The screenwriter for the series, Bob Gale, knew something different. What’s so amazing is, he almost hit it right on the nose. He miscalculated by one year. The Cubs won the World series in 2016.

Equally amazing is that the Major League Baseball team, the Florida Marlins, began play in 1993. In 2012, they became the Miami Marlins.

In 1989, when the movie came out, there was speculation that Miami would have a baseball team in the near future. The chances of this happening in 1989 were much greater than the Cubs winning the World Series.

Bob Gale is the most brilliant screenwriter. He had to know something about the future to create these 3 classic movies. The movies are very entertaining. Sometimes, I wonder if they were prophecy.


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