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Beware of toxic people. They will cut your nuts off.

Toxic People

Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s like being banged in the ass without Vaseline”?

That’s how certain people will make you feel. These are toxic people. Don’t take these people lightly. Some of them can cause you to end up in prison. This happened to a guy who sent me an email a few months ago. He had an accounting practice in Birmingham, AL, and had a partner. This partner stole a large amount of money from a trust fund, used to pay the IRS. He told his partner to put it back, or he would “turn his ass in”. The partner paid it back, but because of his big mouth, they were caught. To make a long story short, the guy got 6 months at the Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola, FL, and the partner got 3 years.

How to identify Toxic People

There’s only one way to deal with toxic people. Get the hell as far away from them as you can, and as fast as you can. But first, you have to identify that the person you’re associating yourself with is one of those toxic people.

14 toxic people you should avoid like a disease

  • People who whine, bitch and complain all the time.
  • Those who are negative and pessimistic all the time. Hell, even a broken watch is right twice a day!
  • People who constantly tell lies, and then cause you to be caught in the middle of their lies.
  • People who ask you to do something they’d rather not do, even though it’s their responsibility. They don’t have any balls, and push their dirty work on you.
  • People who make a decision that determines what another person will do, then changes his mind after the other person had acted. The other person is left out to dry, or another way – f___ed!
  • Those who tell you that they were once “pillars of their community”. In the email I received, the guys partner told everyone he was a former Green Beret. After the guy came back from Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola, FL, he checked him out, and found out he was in training for about a week, and quit because he was a pussy.


  • People who tell you they were great athletes in college, and were drafted by the pros.
  • Guys who brag about, when they were in college, they were screwing the most beautiful girl on campus.
  • Guys who tell you that if anyone messes with him, he’ll whip his ass. But the truth is, he’ll run like a scared rabbit.
  • A guy who says he’d never step out on their wife, but would love to have sex with every beautiful woman he sees.
  • People who act super cool and macho when there are other people around.
  • Those who claim to be good friends with celebrities, such as, former star athletes.
  • People who tell you they’re the best at what they do, when in reality, they’re not worth a shit.
  • Finally, guys (like the guy’s former partner) who commit a Federal crime, and then tell you that you need a lawyer.

Toxic people have one or more of these characteristics. Some have them all. They can be there in someone, and you may never see them until it’s too late.

Get the hell away from toxic people

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