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You better be careful where you pee

bidetYou better not pee in that bidet

When I was in the eighth grade, I attended a wedding in a mansion in Selma, Alabama. At the time, I’d never been out of the hot house.

We were given a tour of the house. When we were in the bathroom, I saw something similar to the picture to the left. I asked my mother, of all people, why there were two toilets in the bathroom. She decided to have some fun with me by saying, “That’s a urinal.” Then I thought, “This must be how rich people live.

Later, I found out this was a bidet, the gadget that women use to take a douche. Before I found this out, I said to my mother, thinking this was a urinal, “Good. I have to pee.”

I’ll never forget what she said to me.

“You better not pee in that. If you do, it will pee back at you.

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